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The Simple Solution to All Your Running Pains

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

Many people often come to me and complain that they want to give up running because it is too hard. However whenever I actually sit down and talk to these people properly, the real underlying reason why they want to quit is because it is 'too hard' on their bodies. They are simply getting too many injuries and it is causing them too much pain if they continue running. Most of people I talk to absolutely love running, but are unable to continue due to painful foot and knee injuries, and even in some circumstances, reconstruction surgery.

Injuries when jogging can be blamed on many things. Anything from bad form right through to bad equipment can be the cause of your pain. You can't change your form overnight - everyone's form is different like a finger print. Changing your form can take literally years and hours of professional coaching to change. But more importantly is why would you want to change your form? Our own running form is something that is unique and most comfortable to us. Obviously if it is the sole cause of your running injury then you would need to revisit this. However for most of us, we do not have the perfect Olympic level running form which is perfectly OK. What we do need to have is the right equipment to suit our form and get the most out of us.

So basically the easiest thing you can do to prevent injuries is to get some good equipment. Good running equipment can set you back a bit in terms of pricing, but in the long run is is definitely worth it. Would you rather pay for a knee reconstruction or a new pair of shoes. Now as I said before, not everyone is created equal - we all have our special traits which make our running style our own. While there are shoes to accommodate our running style, we can go one step further and modify them with running insoles. Now running insoles don't sound like a big deal, but trust me when I say that the majority of professional runners out there have some sort of running insoles which suit their running style. Whether it be a normal running insole right through to the professional orthotic running insoles - they make a huge difference. Running insoles align your shoe to your feet and keeps your leg straight in the proper angle upon foot strike. This prevents any injuries from twisting or overloading the knees and the ankles.

Running insoles are easily modifiable to your shoe and may feel weird at first. This is only your feet getting use to the running insoles. After a few runs, you will considerably notice that those arches and pains in the leg are no longer there. They are a small minor adjustment, but something that can change the way you run and your personal form. Get some running insoles today and hopefully you won't be in the group of runners who give up their love of running due to injuries.

Until then... Happy Running

I am an avid runner, marathoner, cross country runner and running coach. I have been helping people to improve their running form and prevent injuries for years. For more information on how to take your running to the next level and avoid injuries for free, visit

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