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How to Run, and Keep Running, Successfully - Learn to Keep to Your Running Program

April 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 159

The question we'll be discussing in this article isn't merely how to run, but how to keep running successfully. Running is perhaps one of the finest exercises ever developed, but it's important to do it correctly if you want to avoid injury. You need to remember when learning how to run that avoiding injury is crucially important. If you are to get injured, it will interfere with your running schedule for a period that may last between weeks and months, and you certainly don't want this.

It's very easy to avoid injury when you're learning how to run if you just follow a few simple procedures. Start out with some stretching and warming up. If you 'cold start' your muscles, there's a much greater chance of injury. Do some simple stretching exercises, jog in place for a few minutes and then go on to run. Generally speaking I would say that your warming up routine should take you from between ten to fifteen minutes or so. Keeping the body relaxed as you run can also go a long way towards preventing injury. Make sure that you have a good posture, but that your shoulders and arms are loose. Run with your back straight, but with the muscles fluid.

Thirdly, don't forget to breathe properly when you run. Running uses enormous reserves of energy and demands a much greater supply of oxygen than you normally take in. Now remember when you're learning how to run that it doesn't matter whether you're breathing in through the nose or through the mouth, but what's important is that you take in deep breaths that will flood your blood with oxygen. So, how do you test whether your body is getting enough oxygen as you run? Well, generally speaking, if you can converse with a running partner while you're running, your body is getting enough oxygen. But if you have problems with this, you are running too fast and using too much oxygen. You need to reduce your pace a little bit to a more manageable level and ensure that your body is getting the oxygen intake that it requires.

How you hold your head and your limbs when you run is also quite important. You should neither be looking upwards nor downwards, but rather have your eyes fixed on a spot that's about ten feet or so ahead. This not only gives you the correct posture, but also warns you of possible obstacles. Your elbows should be bent at an approximate right angle, though this angle can be a little more open if you are running rather long distances. Your hands and legs should move alternately when you're learning how to run. That is to say that when your left leg is forward, your right hand should be forward, and vice versa.

The movements of the arms should be in a single plane that is at right angles to the body if it's at all possible. You remember what I said about keeping the hands relaxed? Well, make sure that you haven't clenched your fists all through your running routine. Keeping the body relaxed is important, and it's amazing how many runners clench their fists while running. Generally speaking, the ideal stance when running is to imagine that someone is pulling you forward by a rope that's around your waist and that your forward movement derives from the rope, and not from within your own body.

Last of all, don't forget to spend some time cooling down the body after your workout. Cooling down should take you at least five minutes.

This article was written by John Gomez who has many years of running experience and has been training professional athletes. Visit for more information about running.

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