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How to Improve Your Lung Capacity For Running

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 214

I've read lots of different articles on how to improve my lung capacity for running. Some of it makes sense but a lot of the advice sounds crazy to me.

Advice like taking up a wind instrument and training at high altitude. If I wanted to play a wind instrument I already would be and if I lived in Vail Colorado I'd already be training at altitude.

I've already chosen my musical instruments and I live at 600 feet above sea level so I need some sensible tips that will work for me.

Here are 5 that will get you results:

1. Breathe Deeply. What you're doing here is expanding your lung capacity and your chest's ability to take in air. Practice these steps:

Exhale completely. I mean push it ALL out. Get it all out so you can accept more fresh clean air into your lungs. Inhale deeply into your abdomen. Breathe the way babies do. You never see a baby pumping up its chest. Their bellies rise and fall with every little breath. Do the same. Expand your belly as you inhale forcing your belly-button away from your spine. Then hold that breath there for a count of 3 to 5. Then you can exhale completely again.

2. Breathe against resistance. The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the muscles that help you to breathe.

Inhale deeply. Take in lots of air.Purse your lips. That is - hold them together with only a small opening.Exhale forcefully. You should be making lots of noise as the air exits your mouth.

3. Inhale more than you think you can. The idea here is to expand your airways and lung capacity. By breathing in more volume than you normally do, you will gradually increase your lungs' capacity for air.

Inhale deeply through your nose. This should be a deep breath in until you cannot bring any more air into your lungs.Purse your lips and sip in air repeatedly until you cannot take in any more.Hold your breath for a few seconds.Relax and let the air exit through your mouth.Repeat

4. Exhale more than you think you can. As with inhaling more than you think you can, this exercise will increase lung capacity and your ability to expel stale air from your lungs.

Breathe deeply into your lungs and chest.Hold your breath for a few seconds.Exhale forcefully through your mouth until you cannot expel any more air.Place your hands on your abdomen and use them to help press more air from your lungs. Leaning forward slightly as you force air from your lungs may help you expel even more air.Repeat

5. Exercise in water. This last tip helps to increase the strength of the muscles that help you to breathe.

Because water is heavier than air, when you're in water it presses against your chest increasing the force needed to breathe. It's like the water pressure you feel on your ears when you dive.

Whether it's swimming, water walking or aqua-fit, doing any type of aerobic exercise in water will result in improved lung performance.

If you add some or all of these exercises to your training, you will notice a marked improvement in your lung capacity when running.

Jim Oldfield helps people discover the joy of running. Like many, he was conditioned to believe he couldn't run. Today, he runs for fitness and health and enjoys sharing the gifts of running with others. He writes about running for fitness, running for weight loss and running just to feel good. Visit to pick up your FREE ebook on Fast Fitness. Beginning running shouldn't be hard. Running is Easy makes it simple.

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