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Are You Starting to Run?

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 159

Starting to run isn't too hard at all, but keeping to your running schedule requires a great deal of discipline and focus. The first thing that you need to do is to keep your goals realistic. Different people start running because they want to meet different goals. One person might want to lose weight, and running is an excellent exercise towards that goal. Another person may want to build up their health or endurance.

Now, one thing you need to remember when starting to run is that you build up your progress in gradual stages. Don't try to do an impossible run or to cover an impossible distance on the first day. Perhaps you might manage to reach your target, but it'll inevitably put you out of condition to do any running at all for perhaps a week to come. Also, generally speaking, pushing yourself too much when starting to run tends to have a depressing effect upon the mind, and many people who strain too hard in the initial stages end up by dropping their running routine entirely.

Now, to avoid this, you need to set up a goal that you can meet reasonably easily. In the first week you could run a little distance, and then walk a little distance, and so alternate running and walking to make it easier to ease into a running schedule. As your training improves and your level of endurance increases, you can increase the amount of time you spend running. Once you feel comfortable running, the entire distance that you initially targeted, you can go on to increase that distance.

Now, where you run is also crucially important. Avoid, if possible, running on concrete or tarmac. Remember when starting to run that running on a hard surface places an unacceptable strain on the joints of the knees and the ankles. Try, if it's all possible, to do your running on a mud path or on grass.Another thing that's very important is getting yourself a pair of running shoes. Now, buying running shoes is more complex than you may imagine. Take a look at one of your old shoes and see how the sole has worn out. If the sole has worn out towards the outside, you need to get running shoes that are well cushioned. If most of your sole has worn out towards the inside, there are special motion control shoes these days, and you should invest in them. If the wear is even across the entire sole, just about any running shoes that are reasonably comfortable to wear and walk around in will do.

Now, if you're starting to run and intend to keep up with your running schedule, planning it out is all important.

You'll need to run at least three days a week, and preferably four, and you'll need to plan the time that you run well, so that it doesn't conflict with your other activities.

Only too often people don't plan their running schedule adequately, and then find that something comes up just at the time when they are supposed to be running, and then they drop the running for whatever their other commitment is. You need to make sure that you have some time in the day that you can totally commit to your running.

This article was written by John Gomez who has many years of running experience and has been training professional athletes. Visit for more information about running.

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