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Rugby: The Basics Of This Sport You Need To Understand

April 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 235

Rugby is a very popular sport in the world but if you do not know what the rules are you will not understand what is happening during a game here are some pointers to help enjoying the game.

Two teams, 30 players

For a rugby game to start you need 30 players. One version of the game uses 14 players and it is called Sevens. Each team will have 15 players and they will have the numbers one to fifteen on their backs. There will be reserves but their numbers can vary from 2 to six. Most of the time it will be 5 or 6 on each side. They can come on the field to replace an injured player but also for other reasons.

Rugby Ball

The ball is an elongated ball made of leather. The colour may differ but most of the time it is white. Years ago, it was always a brown leather ball.

Rugby field

The rugby field is roughly 100 meters long an 50 meters wide. Each team must defend their own goal line. The game is only played between the lines and if the ball goes out, the game restarts with what is called a line out. Here 16 men compete but it can be less.

The Scoring Aim

The idea is to get points. You have 80 minutes in which to score points. You can get 5 points if you cross the goal line of the opposite team and place the ball behind the line with your hand. Then the same team can try to kick the ball across the crossbar of the goal post or between the uprights. The goal post looks like an H. A total of 7 points maximum each time. Then if you are penalized for various reasons, the other team can try to kick the ball which will give them 3 points if the ball is between the uprights again.

The Game

Rugby is an aggressive game in which you have to defend your goal line by tackling the other players. You may only tackle a player who has the ball. This is a very strict rule. You may not kick or hit a player but due to the nature of the game, this happens.

If it is not serious, the game continues. If it is serious, a player might get a yellow card and is sent of for 10 minutes or a red card and the player may not return for that game.

Rugby is played around the world but South Africa, New Zeeland, Australia and England are the only teams to have been World Champions. This contest is every four years. If you understand rugby, you can follow the game and enjoy the game. If you do not understand the rules, the game can appear to be nothing but an aggressive argument. Millions of people watch rugby on a regular basis every Saturday or as often as possible.

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