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Main New Zealand Cities the 2011 Rugby World Cup Matches Will Be Held

August 08, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 92

In case you have not yet noticed, the 2011 Rugby World Cup is only seven weeks away. Due to this, and to the fact that most do not know much about the host cities, here we will cover some basic information about each of them. This in the hopes that you will get some ideas about Rugby World Cup 2011 Accommodation plans:

Whangarei is the country's principal commerce center, and it is also the biggest city in the northern region of the country; it is a historical landmark where some ancient tribes still live.

Auckland is the country's biggest city; it is a center of commerce and tourism, and it will be host of the World Cup final match, as it is home of Eden Park, the country's largest sporting venue. Auckland is definitely the place to be during the World Cup, so you might want to secure Rugby World Cup 2011 Accommodation in the city.

Hamilton is a fast-growing city where tradition and history coexist with modernity, technology, and innovation. It has managed to become a major tourist destination given the multiple events that it hosts.

Rotorua is a major city located in the center of the country; it is south of Lake Rotorua. Like Hamilton, Rotorua is recognized for its beautiful golden beaches. It is also known for its lake network, which over the years has attracted increased tourism.

New Plymouth lies on the country's western coast; its beaches and has made it a fan-favorite in the eyes of surfers and skiers alike. Like most cities in New Zealand, New Plymouth was originally occupied by indigenous tribes.

Napier, the 'art deco city' is another city you might want to book your Rugby World Cup 2011 Accommodation in. The city lies in the country's eastern coast, and this too is a city where history meets modernity, as following the 1931 earthquake it was rebuilt in a style allusive of European architecture.

Palmerston North is home to the Rugby Museum, so it can be said that it is the cradle of New Zealand rugby. During the upcoming World Cup, all roads will lead to Palmerston North.

Wellington is the country's capital, it is the center of government, and it is definitely a place where you would like to reserve your Rugby World Cup 2011 Accommodation. Why? Simple, because it is cosmopolite city where you can relax, enjoy, and most importantly, watch rugby.

Nelson is the country's sunshine capital; it is sunny, fresh, and fun. It is home to three national parks, and given its geography, it is also bi on water sports and hiking. If you want to chill while watching the cup, Nelson is the place for you.

Dunedin is the country's former center of commerce and culture; it maintains its status as center of culture (being regarded as the country's architectural heritage capital). If you like the idea of being introduced to the country's history, its culture, and most importantly, its architecture, book your Rugby World Cup 2011 Accommodation here.

Invercargill is one of the country's most important port cities; its fishing industry is its main economic activity. As to what you stand to gain from visiting the city? Well, they say that the view from Bluff Hill is to die for, so you will probably not be disappointed.

Larry Louie Maraggay

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