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How Do You Know When You Need Roof Repair?

June 01, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 220

Do you need roof repair? This isn't the kind of question you ask yourself on a regular basis. At least, most people don't. You depend on your roof every day yet how often do you take it for granted? You just assume it's going to always be there for you but sometimes, our roofs wear out.

It is important to keep roofs in tip-top shape because the roof protects the entire house, and everything in it. In many areas it gets hot or moist during certain seasons of the year. The mix of moisture with warm temperatures can take a toll on external structures, such as roofing. There are some checks and points you can do to find out if you need help with your roof or roof repairs.

Checking the Inside to Evaluate a Roof

Is the roof sagging anywhere? This can be checked by heading to the highest level in the house - oftentimes this would be an attack or upper crawl space - and simply looking at the ceiling. If there is sagging, this needs to be addressed as soon as possible because caving in is a possibility.

While looking at the ceiling up there, take a flashlight and look for trails or dark spots. This could indicate that water and moisture are getting through and starting to soak the ceiling. This is a type of leak that needs to be taken care of or else there is the risk of a complete fall through.

Now, turn off the flashlight and make sure there is plenty of daylight. A sunny day would be best for this specific evaluation. Look closely to determine if any outside light is making its way into the house where it shouldn't. This could mean that there are holes or cracks that need to be repaired because these are surely leaking and can get worse.

Leaking and water damage in general should also be assessed. The ceiling could be peeling in areas where water is getting in. Discoloration and other like imperfections could indicate this. Also, on a day where it is raining, head up to the highest level and simply look around to see if any water is dripping in. Pay close attention because some leaks are very small at first.

Checking the Outside to Evaluate a Roof

If you live in a moist environment, one of the first things to look for would be algae growth and mold. Algae is a green-colored growth that looks somewhat furry. Mold is also easy to spot and can be gray to black in color. Sometimes it also appears furry.

Check the actual tiles and shingles and make sure that none are missing. After determining whether any are missing or not, look at them and see if any are torn or cracked. Another way to determine if roofing is starting to get to the stage of repair, check your gutters to see if pieces of roof or a sandy-like substance is in the gutters. Also, do not forget to check the areas around vents, pipes and chimneys.

Learn more about roof repair, possible roof problems and more at Orange County Roofing. Call today and get a free quote from Orange County Roof Repair and see how you can save.

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