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Romance E-Book Writers: Captivate Your Readers in 4 Steps

April 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 151

It's no secret that romance fiction is big business in the literary world. It's estimated that this genre has brought in over $ 1.3 billion in 2011. This business has spilt over to the digital industry as well. The ease of self-publishing and increased profits from sales has attracted many writers. In 2010, said that their e-book sales surpassed the sales of their paperback sales. Currently there are 115 e-books being sold for every 100 paperback. According to All Romance, an online retailer that sells only e-books, romance fiction sales have more than doubled this year. So what does that mean for e-book writers? This translates into a lot of competition pure and simple. With these numbers, how does a writer captivate the readers and keep them coming back for more? These four tips will capture your audience and keep them coming back:

1. Initial Contact- In romance fiction, the way the characters meet is very important. It should set the stage for your story. It should be unique and it should be presented early. Your objective is to capture their interest within the first paragraph and keep him/her engaged throughout the story.

2. The Characters-Humanize your characters. You want to connect to your audience. One way of doing that is to develop characters that are believable. More importantly make them clearly and concise by defining their strengths and their flaws.

3. Facts-Do your research and understand the time period you are writing about. Don't have the star-crossed lovers traveling by automobile before they were even invented. Succinctly don't get caught up in a history lesson when doing so. Remember you're writing a romance story not substitute teaching a history class!

4. Pace- Move your story along without letting it get bogged down in too much detail. The emotions and actions of the main characters should set the pace and move your romance along to its desired conclusion. Too much description, history, and rhetoric slows down the pace of your story. Romance stories are always about two people finding each other and falling in love in spite of their differences and obstacles. Keep the pace aimed towards this path and your readers will come back time and time again.

Writing and self-publishing your own e-books can be a lucrative business. However you have to know your audience and capture their interest and gain their respect. Once you accomplish all three, you will keep them coming back.

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