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"Magical Moments" In the Life of Daveda Gruber

June 25, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 163

Wow this is a captivating love story told by the author Daveda Gruber. She leaves no stones unturned of how she fell in love with Sonny Gruber over the internet. A relationship most would be in fear of, nevertheless let's allow Daveda to take us on her journey, from Montreal Ca to Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. In this book we read about how Daveda stepped out of her comfort zone and meets the man of her life.

The writer opens up this novel by explaining to the readers the depth of learning how to explore the path that one has set before them. She states, "For we can never know, without looking beyond all that is within reason, the ultimate answers that slowly unravel the truth to our beings". I know many will feel a void as they journey through life and yet search for answers on how to fill that void.

In the pages of this book we see how the writer had just experienced the death of her daughter. Overtime she felt it now time for her to pick up and move on with life. She had started back to dating but did not feel that any of the men she met were hitting that right connection. Finally after a year of her daughter's death she receives an email from a gentleman from the United States. Now should she accept this email or delete it? To no surprise, she takes the plunge. Will this be a typical textbook relationship or one made in heaven? All I can say journey with this writer and see.

"Magical Moments" indeed are seen as you travel back and forth in the chapters of this book. The writer takes us from her home in Montreal to his home in Pennsylvania. The reader is able to feel the love blossom and see the smiles on the faces of two lovely people, Daveda and Sonny Gruber. I said "see", because the book is also full of pictures displaying their "Magical Moments" events as they took place. From the first email to the wedding bells, read it page after page. Experience the love growing and pulling two hearts together from across the miles.

I truly enjoyed this book from the front to the back. The photos really enhance this book and the readers feels as though they have been invited into their writer's territory. I could not put the book down. I finished reading it within three hours. A great love novel, I must say so myself.

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