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Living and Breathing Rodeo

February 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 155

It is a way of life for me. When I am on the road headed to a rodeo or sitting behind the bucking chutes I feeling relaxed and at home. There is no other life that I would want to live besides the one I am living now. I travel all over the United States and see so many different places that I thought I would never see. Big cities, bright lights, pretty horses and fast women.

I have been rodeoing and going to rodeos since I could walk. The first rodeo I was in I rode a sheep in the muttin bustin contest in Florida and ended up riding my sheep the longest and was put in the local newspaper. My dad, my uncle and most of my cousins are also into the rodeo life and that is why it runs in my blood because I was raised around it. Now that I am older I drive to rodeos just about every weekend and compete to go to the finals at the end of the year where you can win up to $250,000.

At the rodeos I mainly ride bulls and team rope. Riding bulls is something that I have always done, but takes a lot of guts and pain to become a champion. I have broken my tailbone, pulled muscles in my back, and have had many other injuries, but in this sport you punch through those pains if you want to win. Making it big in the rodeo life is very difficult because you don't sign a contract and as long as you compete you get paid. It is not like that at all. We have to pay for our own gas to travel up and down the road, pay our own entry fees, and if we don't compete or we don't win, we don't make any money. So no matter how much pain you are in or how tired you are, if you need money and want money you have to put all those things behind you and get on. I also team rope which involves two people. There is a header that ropes the steers horns and a heeler that then ropes the steers back feet after the header catches. I mainly heel at big rodeos, but can switch sides and head every now and then.

The rodeo life is not for everyone. It takes guts and love and glory. You got to be dedicated and accept the fact that your not going to win every rodeo. Many people think that they are cut out to be a cowboy and live the rodeo life, but there is a select few that make it to the end. It is a hard life to live and most cowboys, especially bull riders are worn out and broken down by the age of thirty-five because of all the traveling every weekend and broken bones and bruises you have to deal with day in and day out. Like they say, "No pain, no gain!"

So that is how I live my life traveling up and down the rodeo to hopefully make a name for myself and make big money in the rodeo world. Gotta go, gotta go, gotta rodeo!

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