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Cowgirls With Crowns

February 06, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 165

To compete for the crown in the rodeo world is very exhausting, but it is rewarding also. There are several different areas that qualify a cowgirl to compete in this event. To name of few: A willingness to be in the spotlight. She must be able to perform different patterns on her horse, in the arena, to show the "oneness" of horse and rider, and to show she can follow instructions. Public speaking, hair - makeup, clothing and the support of parents and others are very important to each cowgirl. Each girl has to prove her worthiness to wear the crown and She must always show that she is worthy of the crown. She must own her own horse or lease one if she does not own one. She should own a horse trailer that is safe and a truck to pull it. She should be able to hook up her horse trailer to the truck, drive or have a responsible person drive for her. Personality is important for the Queen; she must always show a positive attitude with a smile. Each contestant usually gets sponsors to help defray the cost involved in holding the title of Queen. The costs include, printing her name on her horse trailer, show clothing, boots, travel expenses and incidentals needed for her year long reign.

Competing for the title of QUEEN is a sanctioned event at every rodeo. This event usually starts in Jr Rodeo and sometimes in PeeWee Rodeo. As a cowgirl gets older she has the opportunity to compete in High School, College and Pro Rodeo. It is an honor to have this title of Rodeo Queen, no matter what age. Other girls look up to the Queen of her rodeo. Little girls look at her as dream of her own.

Some of the responsibilities for the Queen includes: Representing the sport of Rodeo to schools, being able to answer questions other girls will have, sparking interest in the sport of Rodeo to all who have questions. Being at every event her Rodeo puts on, she is responsible for making sure all the flags have a cowgirl or cowboy to carry them in the grand entry. She must make appearances at public events such as parades, county and state fairs, city and state special events, and other areas where she is invited to attend. By taking care of her horse, she shows others the importance of her horse in her life. Her responsibilities include representing herself by looking her best with her hair, makeup and clothing. Her hat should always be clean and in good shape, as well as her crown. Her crown is worn on her hat. Her reign is for one year and must be ready to pass on the title of Queen to the next prodigy.

At one time I had the Privilege of helping with the Queen event at a Jr rodeo. It was a great experience. The girls were great, the time spent was time I will never forget.

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