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Indiana Laws May Change the Way Fleets Are Being Managed

July 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 210

The legislation regarding food safety measures is getting harsher every day. Anyway, this is not something to complain about considering that when it comes to food people's lives are involved. Quite recently, Indiana introduced two new laws, of which one is clearly targeting commercials vehicles and may make the fleet owners to consider some better ways to monitor their loads in transit in order to avoid future problems.

According to the first newly imposed law, Indiana State Police is now allowed to inspect commercial vehicles transporting food products to make sure loads comply with certain health regulations. Troopers are allowed to detain not trusted vehicles to determine compliance with applicable food safety rules. In addition, health inspectors could order the disposal of certain food and the impoundment of vehicles that are not compliant. Offenders that are found to be transporting loads that are violating the regulations could face $10,000 fines. The transportation of foods ordered to be disposed could result in $5000 fines.

Businesses that will not consider taking the necessary measures of monitoring their loads will be in danger of facing important losses not only because of the fines, but products too. According to a fiscal statement on the bill, in the past 5 years, Indiana State Department of Health truck inspections ended in 15,937 pounds of disposed food.

Rep. Bill Davis, R-Portland, declared the change will help ensure transporters are complying with food safety rules. Everybody's food is passing through commercial vehicles on a daily basis and considering that there is no efficient process in place for monitoring the food while moving, safety rules are necessary to keep food uncontaminated, Davis also mentioned.

Transportations are in a certain way in the spotlight regarding the second law too as it is related to local road work. Until now, Indiana law mandated property taxes to be used for county highway maintenance only in case of an emergency. Unanimous approval from the county councils also was required. Starting July 1, 2012, counties are authorized to spend property tax revenue to maintain county highways.

Rep. Jeff Espich, R-Uniondale stated that the purpose of the new law was to offer county officials the flexibility to use revenue from their general fund for road maintenance when needed. The new law allows counties to spend property tax or other miscellaneous general fund revenue on highway maintenance.

Fleet owners and all those involved in the food supply chain must pay attention to all the changes food safety regulations dictate if they want their businesses to keep bringing profit. A modern and professional real-time in transit monitoring system may be exactly what they need to avoid unnecessary losses.

If you are interested in how Cooltrax can help you with ensuring the quality and safety of your perishable loads, get in touch! We offer a 30-day trial and a free cold chain assessment.

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