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Protect Your Retirement Portfolio

June 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 151

If you are like most people, you have spent a lot of time slogging through the intricacies of your portfolio. Helping you along the way, a trusted advisor may have provided guidance. Perhaps you have become your own expert and by so doing, have managed your savings and retirement dollars to a level that made you feel confident and secure. But that was yesterday. The inviolable truth is that most of us have seen our retirement portfolios crash and burn.

During the good times, we could leverage our mistakes and recover our losses. We could continue to plateau and build some more. Today however, we are mostly unsure of what to do next. Cash out? Take the penalties and stuff the remainder of our hard earned gains in a mattress? Hide from the inevitability that nothing will be the same again? Pretend that the recovery will be as fast as the fall? Truth be told, the decisions you will make in the future may not provide the level of gains that you experienced in the past. You may succumb to energizing a strategy known as managing by magazine article and by doing so, act on each new strategy as though it were the next best solution to your financial woes.

What should be your next step really be? How can you best protect your retirement savings, your pension, and your legacy? The solution is to energize a methodical process of identifying all of your assets, accounts, pension sources, trusted advisors and account details so that they are never lost. You must recognize that in the turmoil and stress of the recent investment uncertainly, protecting the gains and entitlements that we do have can be as important as the strategies that led to the gain in the first place.

Consider utilizing a well designed record keeping software to help you organize all of your retirement details. You should look at every account, resource and plan that provides financial and health care benefits during your retirement years. Plan details including the owner's name, plan administrator, passwords, pins, plan entitlement documentation, phone numbers, email addresses and other plan contact information are essential items to record and protect.

Carefully identify and document all of your potential retirement income sources including Savings Bonds and other certificates, fine art investments that you plan to liquidate as a part of your nest egg, real estate holdings and tangible personal property that you have included as a buffer. Your 401-K, Keogh, IRA, Social Security, private and military pensions and many other sources may be a part of your overall portfolio. Have you listed all these things? Do you know how to gain access?

Whew! It gets complicated in a hurry does is it not? Well, not really. Just think about how complicated it will be if your account details are forgotten or lost. Consider the horrific burden in time and expense to others if they must act on your behalf without being privy to all your information. Consider the fact that your call to action may best be energized when you consider that billions of dollars of retirement benefits go unclaimed each year and are escheated to state treasureries because the owner of those entitlements simply forgot that they existed.

You should act now to protect your hard earned gains by recording the details that ensure that your retirement documents and information is never lost.

Record Tree personal information software was designed to capture all the information about an individual so that nothing is ever lost. Subject matter experts from financial, legal and medical fields participated in the design of user friendly templates that guide you through the recording of key information needed to access your accounts. These templates help you capture vital information about your retirement documents, retirement records, tangible assets, and other items of value that are intended for support during your retirement years. Record Tree allows you to create personal profiles for yourself and family so that all your information is available in on screen and printable reports. Record Tree is secure software that resides on your computer. It uses encryption and password word protection safeguards to protect all your information. Record Tree software is an optimal solution to help you ensure that your retirement plan details are never lost. For a first hand view and first step in protecting your retirement information, please visit Record Tree | Retirement Records

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