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Are You Selling Wholesale Clothes? Here Are Suggestions You Should Think Over

March 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 116

Retailing clothes through trade fairs is one of the available means to have more income. If you're thinking of participating in one soon, the best way to do so is to order wholesale clothes. Wholesale distributors can give you reliable services and provide better profit margins. To make the most out of this deal, here are steps to try out.

Check possible varieties

Wholesale clothes can be available in different colors and sizes. Checking this possibility is a smart move so you cater to more clients. If you have the budget, order small to large and even plus sizes. Purchase different colors, too. Ideally, you should get neutral colors like black and white. These colors are very easy to pair with other clothing items, shoes, and accessories.

If websites do not indicate size and color variety, don't give up just yet. Email the wholesale clothes seller to be sure. Specify what sizes or colors you want in your letter. Your letter will prompt them to give concrete answers. You can also hold them accountable for whatever they state as you order your goods.

Note the delivery dates

Wholesale dresses and other clothing items come at the set date indicated by the supplier. To know this, you have to explore the website carefully. Read the exact shipping dates so you know when to expect the items. Verify shipping procedures and guarantees to cover all grounds. Know what provisions the online merchant sets for damaged wares and failed or late deliveries. Remember, not all deliveries may be perfect but having knowledge prepares you how to handle these.

If you can't see the schedules and agreements don't order yet. Call the company's hotline first. Ordering without knowing delivery details may only lead to frustration. As you contact the firm, demand a written copy of your verbal agreement. This action will help you have further assurances for any type of incident.

Prepare necessary items

Retailing wholesale dresses often entails additional work to sell off the items. Part of this extra work is finding the right mannequins and accessories to go with the clothes.

Use the Internet to search for mannequin types available. Choices may span from full-sized mannequins, plastic torsos, half-round display forms and jersey covered forms and bases. Series models are also available; these types have removable arms and legs.

If your stall at the bazaar has enough space, use a full-sized model. This can help display the dresses in their best form. Clients are also more likely to relate to this display since they can admire the clothes better. In case space is an issue, you can go for the other types mentioned.

It's also wise to invest on accessories at this point. Items such as belts and / or necklaces are often good investments. Belts and necklaces usually bring out the clothing ensemble's flair. It also gives the buyers ideas on possible add-ons to their purchase.

Since retailing wholesale dresses can be at a frenzied pace during bazaar sales, don't forget to have an inventory process. You can do this by assigning series numbers on the clothes. List down these numbers on a record book and place a mark every time you sell one. This system will help avoid confusion and let you keep track of all stocks.

Carolyn Saunders is a diehard fashionista who retails wholesale dresses and knows the best wholesale clothes distributors.

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