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Make a Stand With an Exceptional Law School Resume

February 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 151

Current job markets in the legal profession have become very tough due to cut backs on hiring and low salaries for starting lawyers in recent years. As a result, many prospective law students are becoming increasingly hesitant to take the risks they will confront in paying for the rising costs of legal education.

Costly Education

The Wall Street Journal, citing a 2009 report by the American Bar Association, said that "the average law student could expect to graduate with more than $100,000 in school debt." It also mentioned that student applications to law schools within the United States have sharply gone down to 11.5 percent in 2010 or only 66,876. The Law School Admission Council confirmed that it was the lowest since 2001 at this stage of the process.

The same source estimates that "the application process is 86 percent complete, based on historical patterns." Students who were serious about pursuing a law degree are now starting to forget about investing in law school for the purpose of acquiring better career opportunities, weighing the risks as well as the rewards. The difficulty of finding law jobs, however, is another issue.

It is not surprising that the number of students going to law schools has declined. There are no more students who go to school just because they don't have anything else to do. Even the average number of applications to full-time graduate programs has declined, too.

Plan your Future

These data are not meant to scare or discourage people from pursuing their dreams. The point is that, if you are really determined to enter law school, you need to plan your application and education. A law school resume is a very important document to get into law school and law firms as well. To be effective, you need to present vital information in such a way that the reviewer will easily understand and remember it.

If necessary, you may summarize your field of study under a section you may call "education" and your activities, tasks, and responsibilities under "work experience." Make sure that all the information is true and related to law, presented in a clear, visually attractive way.

Have somebody else read your law school resume? Having someone else read your work can be very helpful in editing and proofreading it in order to remove typographical and grammatical errors. Moreover, it also allows you to make a room for further improvement, especially in terms of layout and design.

Using some basic skills with Microsoft Word and available templates online, you can be able to build your resume from a blank page, and recreate and strengthen your document if the need arises.

Indeed, a law school resume can make a big difference in your life and career only if it is done properly and creatively. Having one allows you to stand out among other desirable candidates. And creating one can take a few hours or a day to draft, and a few minutes to update and finalize.

Nelson Mullins is a former corporate hiring and recruitment expert who regularly writes articles on resumes, resume writing, personality development, and career in general. He is a father of three who also enjoys photography and biking. Nelson believes that while the employment world continues to be a rat race for applicants, it is important to always be equipped with new ideas on sustaining career growth and opportunities.

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