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Why Encourage The Development of Patio Restaurants in Suburbs?

April 09, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 117

Some cities, like Montreal, are known for their patio culture. As soon as the first warm day of spring hits, the city spills out onto the cafe-lined sidewalks to sip cafes au lait and cocktails with friends and neighbours. But emerging trends in urban planning - the move away from car dependent cities and towards higher-density living - are seeing this very Continental tradition transported towards the rest of Canada. City planners there are on the hunt for ways to encourage the development of terrasse restaurants in smaller Canadian towns, like Oakville.

Why Encourage Patio Restaurants?

It's all part of the ongoing quest to make our cities more livable. It is generally agreed upon that the ideal city is compact, but with quiet spaces as well as lots of outdoor interaction between habitants. In a sense, urban planners of today are trying to bring a little bit of the feel of the medieval town square into our downtowns. Terrasse restaurants in suburban areas are meant to contribute to the social fabric of the cities, to encourage the friendly interaction between citizens, and to foster a feeling of living in a friendly village.

Opportunities for Patio Restaurants in Smaller Towns

Some neighbourhoods present more opportunities than others for outdoor restaurants:

  • The Bronte Village neighbourhood in Oakville has a lot of potential for terrasse restaurants because of a quirk of its past development. The lingering effect of a road-widening effort on the part of the provincial government has left the positioning of buildings vis-a-vis the road at a variety of distances. These uneven spaces create more room for patio restaurants. It is not the case in all the other neighbhourhoods.
  • The Kerr Village neighbourhood has been looking at the possibility of extending certain roadways with an eye to adding wider-than-normal sidewalks with plenty of space to accommodate outdoor restaurants.

By-Laws Concerning Patio Restaurants

Anyone planning to build patio restaurants in smaller cities must, of course, check first with the municipality. There are certain rules, for instance, regarding:

  • the construction of terrasse restaurants next to residential neighbourhoods
  • permittable weather shielding structures on patio restaurants (including awnings and canopies)

Live music is permitted at some terrasse restaurants, but some conflicts regarding this matter have prompted a review of the city's noise by-law.

In general, however, public support for patio restaurants in smaller cities seems to be quite high. Let the summer come, the restaurant owners will be ready!

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