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Key Benefits Of A Mobile POS Terminal For Your Hospitality Business

March 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 224

Getting the most out of your hospitality business means creating a more efficient and cohesive team. Almost all productivity in any restaurant, hotel or bar relies entirely on wait staff, bartenders, chefs, porters and busboys doing their job well. When one aspect of the team starts to fall behind, every other part is hindered accordingly. As well as providing adequate training and hiring competent staff, technology is always improving in ways that can help your hospitality business by creating and facilitating efficiency.

Handheld PoS Terminals

Wait staff are the front of your business, tending to customers, taking orders and, most importantly, generating revenue. They're entirely responsible for your profit, holding the key moments of interaction with any clientele that come through your door.

PoS terminals have been used for the past fifteen years, over which time they have grown to become the key tool that your wait staff interacts with when taking orders from and dealing with customers. Where once they were simple cash exchange machines, today the PoS terminal has grown to take care of everything from calculating the bill at the end of a meal to sending orders through to the kitchen. Handheld mobile terminals are the latest innovation that let your employees complete transactions on the fly from anywhere in the restaurant.

If you're still using simple PoS machines in your business, consider the additional benefits of improved, handheld smart-terminals to increase the level of service that your wait staff can provide.

Move around freely

Instead of tying your wait staff to a desk or bar area to take care of the bill at the end of the evening or swipe credit and debit card for drink purchases they'll be able to move around freely, taking care of business at any table or corner of the restaurant.

Get rid of lines

With transactions able to take place anywhere in the restaurant, your patrons won't feel the frustration of waiting in line to pay at the end of a meal. Wait staff can finalise transactions while your customers are still sitting in their seats and without having to wait for three other tables to finish paying their bills.

Make wait staff accessible

Having the ability to flick through previous orders and the table's bill on a mobile terminal without being stuck behind a register means that your wait staff will have more time to float around tables, remaining accessible and visible to customers.

Sell whenever available

You'll never have another drink order or appetiser missed again after upgrading to mobile terminals. Wait staff can enter the order as soon as it's given, sending the information through to the kitchen immediately and ensuring that nothing is confused.

More efficient than ever before

With orders available to the kitchen as soon as they are taken, wait staff on the floor at all times and bills being taken care of from anywhere in the restaurant, your operation will run more efficiently than ever. Every aspect of your hospitality team will improve from this simple, PoS upgrade.

Mobile terminal PoS systems allow more communication in any restaurant, cafe or bar situation than ever before. Your customers will notice an immediate difference and staff will love the added functionality that an upgraded system affords.

Interested in a mobile POS Terminal for your hospitality business? Contact Menumate today.

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