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Questions To Consider When Choosing Car Tyres

July 31, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 158

Choosing new car tyres is something that many of us leave to the last minute, which leads to a rushed decision. Either we go with what we know and stick the same original equipment tyres on again, trust what our tyre fitter tells us to fit, or go for the cheapest option. Ideally, we would put a bit more thought into our decision and choose something that was right for our driving style, our vehicle and our budget, but what questions do you need to be thinking about?

Driving Style

  • Are you a slow and sensible driver, or do you like to take the corners a little faster in your high performance car? A high performance car deserves high performance tyres, and you will want to look for those that are good at cornering.
  • Where do you find yourself doing most of your driving? Is there a lot of motorway driving or is it mostly bendy country roads? Country roads need tyres that prioritise maneouvrability and braking distances, while with motorway driving you probably want to look for better fuel efficiency/rolling resistance.
  • Do you live in the middle of a city or in a rural village? City tyres do a lot of stopping and starting, so braking distance is a priority.
  • And what about the weather - does it rain a lot, or do you get extremely dry and sunny periods (lucky you!)? If it rains a lot you will want to look at all season tyres, winter tyres, or tyres that otherwise perform well in the rain. Check out the wet braking distances on the new EU tyre labels.

Your Vehicle

  • What were the original equipment tyres for your model, and do they suit your driving needs? If you aren't sure what the original equipment tyres are, either check your manual, or ask your tyre fitter.

Your Budget

  • While it is true that you do get what you pay for, shopping around can save you a lot of money, even on the premium tyre brands. Whatever your budget it is worth taking the time to shop around so that you can buy the best tyres you can afford. Your tyres are the only part of your car in contact with the road, and as such they are fairly crucial!

Considering all these points and then shopping around for your tyres can take time, so rather than waiting until your tyres are almost bald, or you suffer a puncture and have to make an immediate decision, why not choose your next tyres now? Choose the type of tyre you want, and the brands you would prefer, and write them down to keep in the glove box. Then do some shopping around so that you know the best places to buy them. That way, when you find yourself needing new tyres you already know what you are looking for and where to look. You will be prepared for any situation, even calling out an emergency mobile tyre fitting service after suffering a blow out!

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