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What Are the Signs of the End Times According to the Holy Bible? Are We in the End Times?

February 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 445

There have been many people over the years that have stated that they were Jesus, which had returned to the earth. These people have a great ability to deceive many others into following them. I believe a reason that these people have the ability to deceive many is twofold, one being that they are possessed by a demon, who gives them a great speaking ability to almost hypnotize those that follow them, and they also tend to speak to those that are in need of someone's help, such people are more vulnerable to persuasion then those with sound spiritual minds.

Also, most of these followers that are deceived, simply have not read and studied the scriptures of the Holy Bible; if they had they would have known that these so-called messiahs, could not be Jesus Christ, as many state they are. Since the 1970's to the present day, the rise of these so-called modern-day Messiahs or Saviors has grown tremendously, especially with the internet.

There have been wars since the Bible days, but since the 1900's to present, they are increasing by number all the time. Now there are not just battles between countries, but there are more and more battles between races, religions and tribes within countries.

Also, the methods used to waged wars are increasing, and these weapons of warfare are becoming more and more destructive and horrible. Now we have weapons and systems that may even cause earthquakes and steer storms, weapons that use sound waves, others that use microwaves to heat or burn the skin.

We also have bombs that can now burrow over 200 feet into the ground before exploding, eliminating any safe place to hide. With the internet, we now have constant wars against countries though the release of computer viruses, hacking, and other such devices.

Systems that control water, transportation, electrical grids, and other services can be made so they will shut down or even self-destruct, causing injuries and death. The arms of war have spread to using almost every type of technology humans have, and the terror of this technology is growing at an alarming rate.

People are thinking of themselves more and more, and not thinking about others. Drive down the highway and if you are ahead of someone, they will often drive faster to either pass you, or drive dangerously close behind you, simply because you have upset them by being ahead of them.

Pass someone on the highway, and you may anger them so much by this simple action, that they try to force you off the road, or speed up and pass you, while blowing their horn, or giving you some obscene gesture, or worse.

Visit a store, and if there is a long line at the register, listen to all of the rude comments that will start coming from people's mouths, just because they have to wait a little extra.

Take your vehicle into a garage and you might be told that the parts and repairs will cost you several hundred dollars or even more, you pay to have it done, so you will have the use of your vehicle again, a couple months later you might read in the Newspaper or see on the local TV news, where the same garage was fined for doing multiple vehicle repairs that were not needed at all.

It goes on and on, people in this day and age, have become exactly like the scriptures have said they would become at the end times.

Biblical truths and it's warnings about hell are hardly even preached anymore, because Pastors are afraid of scaring people away, or upsetting those that do not want to hear about such things.

The sound doctrine of biblical preaching and the warnings about what a life of sin can lead to has been replaced by bands that play a blend of rock and so-called Christian music. Cookies and drinks are passed out at services, instead of being a treat for the children in bible school; it has become a place where everyone can bring a dish, like a weekly buffet to gather at. The stomachs are being filled with food, while the minds and hearts are being fed nothing of substance.

Preach about the moral issues the Bible talks about and a Pastor may be held and found guilty of hate speech. Folks want to hear about how they can become rich, with money and property, the so-called prosperity gospel messages are spreading fast, while the Biblical message about salvation for those that are lost is fading away.

Some people will say, 'Oh... We have always had wars, and earthquakes and troubles, etc', and people have been warning that Jesus is coming soon, since he ascended into Heaven.

This is 100% true, but Jesus warned that the signs would increase greatly and with intensity as he was about to return. At no other time in history have all of the end time warnings happened as frequent and with such intensity as they are currently.

All one has to do, is look and listen, the signs that show us that Jesus Christ is about to return, are all around us, unless you do not want to see the truth.

You may publish this article in your e-zine, newsletter or on your web site as long as it is reprinted in its entirety and without modification except for formatting needs or grammar corrections.

Robert W. Benjamin has been an avid writer for years, and he has hundreds of different articles published on the internet, on numerous subjects of interest. Robert enjoys many things, including; fishing, taking one day bus trips, computers, internet, sky gazing and walking.

There is a great little eBook, that has the answers about many subjects of interest; What does the bible say:

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