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Man Meets Woman From Overseas Using International Dating Agency

April 03, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 111

The man: Jerry

Age: 54

Occupation: Fireman

Personal: Divorced, 2 children

Jerry has been divorced for 8 years and dates from time to time but never really thought about getting married again because he has not met anyone he liked enough. He is somewhat shy when it comes to approaching women. He is decent looking and stays in good shape by exercising regularly. He spends lots of time talking to coworkers about everything people talk about but does not feel very comfortable talking to women that he is attracted to so he does not go to places where people meet often. Most of his girlfriends had been women he already knew one way or another. A coworker told Jerry about an online introductory service in the Dominican Republic whose clients were men from American and Canada. They connect men to single ladies there. Jerry went to the website but did not join until 5 months later the day after another failed relationship ended.

The woman: Yulisa

Age: 28

Occupation: Clerk

Personal: Never married, 1 child

Yulisa dates guys but like lots of women say most of them are not serious about having a true relationship. She has signed up with an internet dating service in hopes to meet a guy from overseas that can treat her better and provide financial security. She has never had a serious relationship with someone who had a very good job and led a disciplined lifestyle. She is thinking she might be desperate but the dating agency thing worked for a friend of hers. Yulisa is very pretty and gets lots of attention when she walks down the street.

After contacting two women from the agency and getting no vibes from either, Jerry sent a third lady, Yulisa from Santiago, an email after seeing her photo and profile. He sent her some photos too as it only makes sense for her to have the same information about him as he had about her. She returned his email saying she was interested and then he called her. Communication was tough due to the language barrier but the message that they wanted to meet was clear. When they were writing each other it was easier because they both used Google Translate.

She liked the way he looked but she really liked the way he seemed more grounded in the way he lived and the things he would talk about as compared to what she was used to with most other men. She was not accustomed to positive conversation. They both concluded they liked each other and he flew down to Puerto Plata to see her.

When they met Jerry was very nervous and had to remember what the friend that advised him to use the dating agency said about women from a different country and how they can be different. How she really would consider him as her man if they got along. How she wanted a guy that could have financial security and there are not many of them in the Dominican Republic for the women to choose from. Basically he was saying you are older, yes but in this part of the world it's not important and that is the way it is and always has been.

Jerry and Yulisa have a daughter and after helping her set up a clothing store that failed they are pondering which business to try next. He is retiring in two years and will move to the Dominican Republic at that time.

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