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Checking UID Status Is an Inevitable Part of UID Card Process

December 11, 2011 | Comments: 0 | Views: 107

For receiving UID card (Unique Identification Number) you need to enroll yourself either by filling the form online or visiting one of the centers and submitting your UID application form. Later you can check UID status online anytime. For this you can visit any of the authorized UID enrollment center anywhere in India. For UID enrollment process you need to present your identity proof as well as address proof. In all UIDAI has approved 18 identity proof and 33 address proof documents which is considered valid for the whole UID evaluation process.

After successfully enrolling yourself for UID card you will receive your Unique Identification Number within 60-90 days. It takes so long because the documents which are provided undergo several screening and validation levels to ensure the authenticity of the same. Only after clearing various quality check stages, a valid UID card number gets generated. If any problem is detected then the enrollment form is immediately put on hold. In such situations the form is held for further inquiry, if any corrections are possible then it is done or else it is rejected and sent back to the applicant along with a letter showing guidelines to re-enroll.

For checking your UID status you can visit the website of UIDAI named as Central Government and Unique Identification Authority. A webpage showing Check UID Status will appear and you can fill your enrollment form number along with date and time. After you fill in the information, just click on the submission option below. Within few seconds you will see the results of your UID Status. Being aware of your current UID Status is extremely important because you need to know whether your form has cleared all the screening and quality checks.

However large number of concerns has been raised about the reliability, technological feasibility and safety with respect to the issuance of UID card by Government. Dr. Kamlesh Bajaj has prepared a latest document of NASSCOM, which highlights that the database of UID has been made accessible over various networks in the real time. Therefore there will be various security and operational risks as follows.

  • In case of network failure or unavailability, whole identification system might get collapsed.
  • The data related with the biometric features might also become very good target for the hackers.
  • Another concern is related with the relevancy of bio-metrical identities.
  • Lastly, not only the system cost but it requires huge time and efforts in accumulating all the biometric related data.

In conclusion, UID cards having the unique 12 digit numbers is an effective solution founded by UIDAI. The issuing of these cards is now available in only some of the states of India, but it will soon be available countrywide.

Anthonio often writes on authentic projects in India. He writes on How to check UID Status by UIDAI a government body and where you can get associated FAQ's. He also writes on Lokpal Bill and articles of UID card and the pan card number issued by the Income Tax Dept in India.

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