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How to Get the Attention of the Teacher in a Disruptive Classroom

April 13, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 152

Hopefully, this will be an ongoing effort and not "a fly on the wall project. You will be offered a series of tips that are workable.

If you are very serious, stay tuned for some hair raising ideas that you may or may not use, or agree to. Please do not blame me for all the attention the teacher will start to give you once you start using these suggestions.

You will need to pick and choose your movements. For example, during the disturbances in class find the right moment to pick up something that is dropped by the teacher. You may want to clean the board for the teacher, or open the window. Try to out think the teacher's next moves. She is your teacher, you should have studied his or her every movement in the classroom. You know if the teacher is in the class before you, or comes in after you. If the instructor comes in after you, what does the teacher normally, routinely do? For example, if he comes into the class and immediately starts cleaning the board then ask to do so. If she comes into the class room and throws out the trash, do that for the teacher? Study, Study and study your instructor on a daily basis. I guarantee you, no other student is trying to help the instructor. The other students may recognize what you are doing for the teacher, however, they will just question why you are helping him. They are in a state of void, or nothingness.

Know the assignments and response with a raised hand as much as possible. Do not do it too much, or you will be called the teacher's pet. Take difficult assignments or those assignments that no one wants to do. That will immediately bring you into contact with the teacher.

Whenever possible try to bring good news to the instructor. It doesn't have to be on a daily basis, but try something that will get the teacher's attention. For example, you know his car, so bring in something related to his kind and type of car. Try to notice something that the teacher brought into the class from his own home shelves. Read the teachers bio and make sure you take in enough information to make a difference. Try not to be a stocker, or let on how much information that you are gathering. This will be a stealth operation.

If you are in good standing with the other students, try to control them. That is if they are too talkative, tell them so in front of the teacher. Yes, you would be taking up for the teacher.

Seek for smiles from the teacher or some kind of recognition. I highly recommend that you shake the teacher's hand on the very first day. You do not have to bring an apple to sit on her desk. That human contact of shaking hands can make a huge difference.

Of course, you can do the crazy, by making jokes in class that are clean and appropriate. Say things out loud that reinforce the teacher's lesson plan. Stand out with good attitude, good grooming and dress. We want the teacher's awareness of you as a non-stop effort.

You could very well, stand up in class and shout out something. That will get you immediate attention and maybe some detention, so let's not do that. If you do not mine speaking in public, then, prepare something original and say it, or read it in front of the class.

One traditional way to gain the teacher's attention in a very disruptive class is to stand up to answer a question. Most students do not stand up and answer a question. You will be the exception to the rule.

When all is said and done, spend quality time in meditation on how you can get the teacher's attention. Slowly, allow your brain to bring most of your conscious and subconscious thoughts together.

Finally, if you want the attention of the teacher at anytime and not just when the class is upside down, ask the teacher for help, guidance or whatever, with mental silence. You know and understand a little about self-talk, well this approach is like holding a conversation with the teacher, in your own mind. That would be from mind to mind. Haven't you talked to animals and babies before? Haven't they responded with smiles and movements. Did you know that they understand? Have you had a thought and a close friend finished the thought, or answer it for you? We see this remarkable feat with married people of many years together. Also, we have seen it in brothers and sisters who are very close in behavior or attitudes. Try it with plants. Talk to a rose bush, sing to it, speak beautiful words to it. Gently touch it. Then sit back and watch it dance in front of you. Study its movements. It is a wonder. Come see us at http://www.FASTTRACKPROBLEMSOLVING.INFO

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