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Tips Before Taking Up the Game of Tennis: The Bankhand Debate

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 89

Any proper tennis coach is going to attempt to make a student as comfortable as possible on the tennis court, especially a beginner. Of course there is a right way and a wrong way to hit each stroke which includes the proper grip, follow through, and footwork. Often it comes down to personal preference and natural feel however when choosing whether to use a one-handed or two-handed backhand. When making this decision you must ask yourself, is there a competitive advantage to using a one handed backhand as opposed to a two-handed?

It's no secret that the two handed backhand has not only become more popular among professionals, but coaches are more inclined to teach it as well. Especially in the women's game, the one-handed backhand is nearly extinct. Some arguments for teaching the two-handed backhand include a quicker preparation for each shot, as well as a more stable and controlled impact and backswing resulting in a much heavier hit ball. A properly executed two-handed backhand will be compact, allowing the player to conserve energy and quickly prepare for the next point. Most importantly a the player is still able to generate power with such a short stroke. Often if an inexperienced player tries a one-handed backhand the stroke is less stable at impact, it takes more time to prepare, and it takes longer to regroup for the next shot because of the elongated backswing. So why not teach the two-handed backhand to all youth players, and simply stop wasting time with one-handed backhands?

For almost every study there is usually one outlier. In this case, his name is Roger Federer, the former number 1 player in the world, and 23 time grand slam winner. It's impossible to argue with the grace and fluidity with which he hits his backhand. Have you seen the wristwatch commercials that play all throughout Wimbledon? His strokes are effortless even when he's wearing a suit. Federer is able to not only able to produce a compact swing but also generate an incredible amount of power. He can hit his backhand from anywhere on the court from a number of different angles. Yeah sure, Federer is a freak athlete who has been perfecting this stroke for years but his effectiveness comes down to technique which includes proper footwork and unparalleled upper body control. For Federer, or any player who is attempting to hit a one-handed backhand, it comes down to balance, a still head, and keeping your lead shoulder parallel to the net. It is natural to pull off the ball when there are so many moving parts involved, but it's the calmness of Federer's approach that makes the shot so effective.

People argue that it requires great strength to hit a one-handed backhand, but Federer's wiry frame silences those critics. Is Federer so unique an athlete that only he and a handful of others are capable of consistently pulling off this shot, or is it simply a matter of teaching the technique early and correctly? If taught and executed properly this can be one of the most effective shots in tennis.

It is important to remember that proper technique is key not only for executing the one-handed backhand, but also to ensure that you don't hurt yourself. It's fun to just go out on the courts and leisurely hit the ball around with friends, but it's still possible to hurt yourself if you aren't using the proper technique. If you have flawed technique, especially with your backhand, then you are asking for the dreaded tennis elbow. Tennis elbow can be a debilitating injury that not only affects your tennis game but also your everyday life. The injury can often be so painful it hurts to even lift a coffee cup.Really it's not enough to simply watch a Youtube video of someone explaining the proper backhand technique, though it is a good way to pick up some tips. Especially if you are a beginner, you really have to get out on the court and practice the right technique with an instructor or friend who knows the proper technique.

To master, and more importantly teach, such a flawless stroke takes hours and hours of practice. There are thousands of people every year who are taking up the sport of tennis. When taking a first lesson at a club or with an independent tennis coach, a player should trust their instructor to teach them not only the correct technique, but also the most effective stroke. Though you should trust your instructor's judgment it is also important to know that there are multiple options out there. Is the two-handed backhand absolutely more effective than the one-handed? Federer's stroke would suggest that if executed properly, the answer is no. The fact is, the two-handed backhand is easier to teach and easier to hit for a beginner. Federer's backhand maybe the last of its kind. You should does the convenience of teaching the two-handed outweigh the effectiveness and versatility of a one-handed backhand? Probably.

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