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4 Quick and Easy Steps to Make Your Ex Want You Back

April 10, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 135

Step 1. When it comes to break-ups, the first mistake is see most people making is to think they can just talk their partner into coming back. While communication is good and encouraged at some point, this usually involves you becoming too emotional due to your lack of leverage in the situation while your ex remains constant, causing you to lose control. This will surely cause them to withdraw because it either makes them feel uncomfortable or they think you are making a scene. Either way the end result is negative and could have been avoided had cooler heads prevailed.

Instead of charging into the fray, go against your instinct to contact your ex and allow them their space. This will give you both time to think and will certainly make them wonder more about you and what you are doing in the meantime.

Step 2. During the "no contact" period, you should be on a regimented schedule that is full of activities. Moving about town and accomplishing tasks will prove to be confidence building and will also distract you from stewing over your relationship. Idle time is not good during this period as you are far more likely to attempt to contact your ex. Begin an exercise routine while keeping a record of your workouts. This will occupy your mind and also boast your esteem as well. Do things you enjoy doing like spending time with friends or going to the movies. This extra time spent is important to prevent you from breaking your silence while also helping you to keep a positive and optimistic outlook.

Step 3. When the time is right and you will know when that is, you will need to initiate contact with your ex and establish communication. During your connection period, you should be very nice and caring while expressing love and kindness with regards to your past and present. You need to convey to them that you would like to remain friends and would enjoy getting together sometime to reminisce about the past. The idea is to be happy and upbeat with all of this even though you might be wondering how this could possibly make them want to come back now. The goal is for them to ultimately open up to you again like they did in the beginning of the relationship when you first fell in love.

Reminding them of how things were in the beginning can be a very positive aspect and is always helpful in situations such as these. There is no need to rush anything at this point.

Step 4. Whenever you are comfortable with things and you feel your new connection with them is progressing in the right direction, it would be appropriate to ask them on a date. Be sure to make this very casual. You may even want to re-word your invitation spiel a bit, as the word "date" can be over-whelming to them at this point still. Assure them it is nothing serious and you are well on your way.

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