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Is Facebook Marketing Still Profitable for Real Estate Investors?

May 30, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 83

With Facebook stock still tumbling since its IPO is marketing on the social giant still worth while for real estate investors?

In its second week since going public the value of the world's largest social network continued to crash, falling almost 10% yesterday and over $35 billion in value in the last couple weeks. Announcement of a new acquisition of by the social network for $100 million may pose some marketing benefits from more detailed data in the long run. However, the addition of the facial recognition software could also pose a major threat in terms of privacy and more privacy lawsuits.

The blogosphere has also been buzzing with debate on how long Facebook will continue to remain intact, maintain its dominance and be a profitable marketing channel.

Big news was made out of GM's pulling its $10 million Facebook ad budget just before the IPO. Though we also know the auto maker is still spending tens of millions on its Facebook pages and managing its profiles. So what does this all mean for real estate investors?

The truth is that while social and PPC advertising may not be perfect for every industry they are both highly effective and extremely profitable for real estate investing when done right. Of course social is now also a major factor for and critical to SEO. It doesn't matter what other tactics real estate investors use, if they aren't using Facebook in a big way their chances of getting to and staying at the top of the search engines is slim.

So for now investors flipping houses and attempting to generate more leads and build better brands, Facebook marketing is an absolute must. However, this doesn't mean just having a presence is going to bring a tsunami of buyer and seller leads, nor keep you in 1st place on Google and Bing. Winning the business via social means having a quality presence which is visually appealing, managed daily with plenty of posting and conversation going on and with all the tools for maximizing lead capture. Not sure what a great presence should look like? Perhaps it is wise for investors to check out just how much others are doing with their pages. Some are turning their Facebook profiles into complete websites.

Facebook may be around forever or it could get crushed by lawsuits in a year from now. In order for real estate investors to maximize ROI and revenues while minimizing the threat of any interruptions in income or leads it is essential to have a diverse marketing mix. This means using multiple social networks, developing mobile campaigns, keeping on top of trends, not keeping all eggs in one basket and perhaps engaging in offline marketing too while holding a reserve to jump on emerging marketing trends.

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