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Commercial Property Marketing - Tips for Using Flyers in Your Campaigns

February 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 196

The use of property flyers for the marketing of commercial property is quite effective. It's a relatively low cost method of marketing that can be distributed into the local area through the property investors and the businesses. The flyer allows you as the local property agent to talk to people and should be used in every marketing campaign in that way.

When a property is taken to the market for the first time, it will create a reasonable amount of interest locally. To maximize this opportunity there are two things to do, namely:

· Make sure that there is a comprehensive and professional sale board erected on the property at the earliest stages of the campaign

· Printed a good number of professional flyers to take to all the local businesses in the immediate property precinct (this is a personal process)

These two simple strategies when correctly undertaken will generate immediate interest when it comes to the property and the local area.

Every property flyer should be designed with the target audience in mind. That target audience will be the best that will be matched to the attributes of the property. The target audience mindset should be clearly captured in the headline for the flyer, the photographs, and the property detail.

It is relatively easy to put together a professionally presented property information flyer using readily available computer software. When it comes to the layout of the property details on the flyer, there are some rules to follow:

Use professionally taken photographs where possible. The photographs should appear at the top of the promotional flyer. If the property is complex in layout then you will need multiple views superimposed across the main photograph of the property frontage. Create a headline for the property that draws the attention of the reader. This could be something to do with the property identity, the location, or the features. One main thing will be the point of attraction around which the total advertising campaign should be structured. After the photograph has been inserted into the top of the flyer layout, you should have four or five dot points of features that relate to the property and the improvements. Keep in mind the requirements and focus of your target audience. Beneath the dot points, have two or three sentences of narrative that explain the opportunity that the property presents to the target audience. Put some keywords from the internet search engines into the flyer to attract readership. You can find out what they are by using a keyword search tool on any of the bigger search engines on the internet. At the base of the flyer ensure that the contact process is clear and easy. Any person reading the document should be able to identify the correct person to talk to and the telephone number to make the call. Make it easy for people to find you and ask questions about the property. If the property is listed on the Internet, you can use a reference to the Internet placement and website. It is wise to cross reference the marketing material you use to the internet to sustain and encourage enquiry. Always put your e-mail contact at the base of the flyer together with the web site of your real estate business.

After the flyer has been produced, print it for handout distribution, and then also covert it to a PDF document for email marketing. You are now ready to market the property.

If you want some more tips and ideas to help your commercial real estate agency and convert more opportunity into listings and commissions, you can get a free ebook of tips and tools at

John Highman is an experienced Commercial Real Estate Agent, International Speaker, and Sales Coach.

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