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Surprises Take Careful Planning And Thoughtful Consideration

February 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 144

It is interesting how people react so differently to surprises. It is not a matter of culture, at least not in a general sense, but it seems that the circumstances surrounding an individual's life at the time of the surprise has more influence than other factors. To truly understand one's reaction or reactions, it is necessary to understand the life one has experienced to that point. Assuming that someone will react in a specific manner without really taking note of their behaviors in similar situations can mean a complete failure in creating a surprising moment.

First of all, consider some situations where people are pleasantly caught off guard. Using my personal experience, the day I proposed to my wife would have to rank right at the top. Another good one was when I hid a topaz ring in a mum I made for her as well. It was at a homecoming football game when she finally noticed what I had created. The look was one of those priceless moments. At any rate, there are many more situations that could be told, but suffice to say, the reactions were both good, and both were very different.

In both cases, I understood her life; what she had been experiencing recently and in the past; and what she was expecting in the near future. This all was taken into account to provide a wonderful experience. Sometimes, when trying to create a memorable moment for a loved one, it has been with little in-depth thought and ended up being a not so wonderful memory; one that was probably better to be forgotten. These situations can be avoided if only a little time was taken to plan with the feelings and circumstances in mind of the targeted recipient.

Lessons were learned early on in my marriage when I was trying to be funny or cute and give what I thought was a great moment for all to share. Instead, I simply added alcohol to an open wound, so to speak. This description should give you a good idea of how life was for a period of time after the explosion. Learning from past experiences can be one of the best teachers in a marriage. Taking into account what would and what would not be appropriate based on the circumstances at the time yielded a much better outcome and wonderful memories.

The opportunity to buy a ring or any other piece of jewelry as part of a surprise gift can be a fun experience. Making the plans, setting up the situation, and getting family and friends involved are all part of creating the right atmosphere and arrangement to give her or him the gift of a lifetime.

By James R Eberts

Using personal experiences in my marriage of over 25 years seems to be the best way to help those who need a little push in the right direction. If you want to really check out some jewelry that will surprise your loved one or a special friend, check out Raymond Lee Jewelers where they sell jewelry in and near Boca Raton, Florida.

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