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It's All Around Us

March 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

It is all around us and yet we choose to ignore it. We love being ourselves and the confidence we have builds us and makes us better people. Over the years, it has always been advised not to look for a partner during the festive season. Show me someone who met his lover during the Christmas Holidays and was desperate and has no issues and I will show you snow in the Sahara Desert.

A belief is that these relationships might work and might not. Which is true in most cases. I believe it is all about people. I know I have been in denial because I believed my relationship would work after what I went through to make it happen. At first I thought it was just a holiday fling and having come from a bad relationship, I was a firm believer and promoter of "Love Hurts, DON'T try it". That was until the moment I met what at that short three months perceived to be the love of my life.

I did things I had never done in my life and that included washing his underwear which I had vowed not to do. Yet now, after being dumped by the same guy three times in one month, I am on a new low. try telling it to me, try hitting me with a broom, I still believe that he will change his mind and love me. But you know what, my head tells me that it is all a dream. Yet my heart tells me that it is real love. After all, did I not know the guy for a couple of years before the hook up?

Yes my dears, that is called utmost new down low denial. Yes, listen to your head. It is always right and follow your heart only when both the heart and the head have similar sentiments. We hear it on radio, watch it on TV and read it on the web. A man to whom you are an option is not worth your time or love. A man who uses you to clean his house, do his laundry and cook for him, he is only as interested in you as far as he can see. A man who loves you will be as interested in you as he will be in sports, every game, gets better and that one that does not, he will deal with it and move on. However, he will still be that much into you.

And girls when a man is into you, you will know it. Similarly to men, though we might try to play games, but if I am into you, you will know it.

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