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The HAM Radio And Its Tinkerers

March 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 166

There are tech-fanatics in every last corner of our green Earth. There are people tirelessly restoring and upgrading computers, there are people working on TV antennas high atop roofs, some even working on dangerous projects such as building and launching miniature, albeit powerful rockets. But none of those avocations come close to the dedicated hobby (or jobs, for some) that is the joy of operating an amateur radio.

For most, the first contact with the wide and wonderful world of radio frequencies comes at an early age, whilst tuning in to broadcasts and songs on conventional amplitude modulation (short: AM) or frequency modulation (FM) bandwidths. The vast majority of radios capable of receiving AM and FM waves, however, have no additional technology and equipment attached to them that would allow people to actually send messages through the ether. This is where the dedicated HAM radio comes into play.

In order for you to be able to use a HAM, you first need to pass a number of written and hands-on tests, which will in turn allow you to obtain a broadcasting license, which also comes with your own individual call sign. A call sign is basically like the phone number of amateur radios, with each sign being specifically allocated to a single radio set. Another popular thing to do once in the HAM-hobby, is seeking the assistance and wisdom of an Elmer.

An Elmer is basically the mentor of a newly appointed amateur broadcaster. They are women and men with years and years of experience in the intricate world of HAM radios, having gained a great deal of knowledge about every little detail there is to know when it comes to operating a set. Elmer's are able to help newcomers in all aspects of the hobby, from pointing out favorable equipment for their first radio to what channels broadcast what sorts of topics. They are also a great source of old and abandoned material and spare parts, which allow you to customize your existing radio station, or even provide the basis to building your own!

The widespread HAM community has long since gone global, and is made up of the most diverse hobbyists imaginable. Countless online blogs and newspapers have been written on everything there is to know about amateur radios, and the number is growing steadily. It is no wonder that this utterly fun and absorbing activity is taking such an amount of people worldwide by storm, as its potential uses are practically inexhaustible. As discussed in an earlier article, it not only helped save many innocent lives during times of natural catastrophes, but it also offers a myriad of other practical applications. Being so easy to get all sorted and started with this magnificent falco subbuteo, the question you should ask yourself is: Am I a ham yet?

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