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Who Created the Pyramids, and Some of the Other Ancient Wonders of the World?

February 27, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 117

When I was a young boy in School, I remember reading and hearing stories about the ancient beings of mythology, mostly those of Greece or Greek Mythology, These beings were called ancient Gods, demigods, titans, and other numerous names.

For numerous years, in fact for most of my life, I always thought that these ancient beings were 100% myth, made up in the minds of early humans. Then slowly over the years my thoughts on them started to change, now I have completely turned around my beliefs, in these ancient beings, I believe they are not myths at all, but are based upon real entities.

We have all watched movies, or TV shows, or read books, that show ancient structures that are supposedly thousands of years old. Some of these structures are built out of stones weighing thousands of tons, many have columns and forms, that stone masons and builders say cannot even be built today, unless we used some of the world's most elaborate tools such as gigantic cranes, and other devices, even then they cannot guarantee that they can complete such structures.

There have been hundreds of scientists, archeologists, and other authorities, and most all of them come to different conclusions on how these ancient structures were built.

Many of these ancient structures were supposedly created as temples, or places of worship, or sites of sacrificial offering areas to the ancient gods, or beings of mythology, and in fact many of them have carvings, or writings that show such names as Zeus, Apollo, or other such ancient gods and demigods.

As I stated earlier, I believe these ancient beings that most call myths, were real beings. I believe the Bible tells us what these beings were, in the Books of Genesis and others.

When Lucifer and the other angels that followed him rebelled against God, the Bible tells us that these angels came down to the Earth, they took on physical human form, and many of them married human women and had sexual relations with them, and the women gave birth to beings that were an abomination to God, creatures called Nephilim.

The Bible tells us that in Heaven in their true form, angels do not marry or have sex, but there is nothing that says that if an angel transforms himself into a physical human form, that they cannot have sex.

Angels that have appeared to humans can take on any form they choose, and many times in the Bible they have appeared exactly as humans appear, and they can eat food and drink, in fact when the evil and perverted men of Sodom saw the angels that came in the form of men, that entered Lots house, they wanted to have sex with them.

I believe that when the fallen angels had sex with the human females, and they produced this race of monstrous creatures upon the Earth, this is when these ancient structures that defy modern day explanation, were built.

The Nephilim mentioned in the Bible, would have been half human and half angel, they quite probably had super human strength and maybe even incredible angelic powers that were passed down to them by their angelic Fathers.

The Bible tells us that the Nephilim, were abnormal in every way, by strength, evil and even size, as they were called giants.

It was impossible for normal humans to have built many of these ancient structures thousands of years ago, but it was not impossible for a race of beings with supernatural mental knowledge and abilities, and supernatural physical strength to have built them, especially with knowledge, guidance and help from their angelic Fathers, the fallen angels.

From what the Holy Bible tells us, I believe the Nephilim built these ancient structures as places of worship and sacrifice to themselves and to their fallen-angel Fathers, and that the fallen angels themselves are those that are known as the ancient God's or beings of mythology and their monstrous offspring, the Nephilim, were known as the demigods.

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Robert W. Benjamin has been an avid writer for years, and he has hundreds of different articles published on the internet, on numerous subjects of interest. Robert enjoys many things, including; fishing, taking one day bus trips, computers, internet, sky gazing and walking.

There is a great little eBook, that has the answers about many subjects of interest; What does the bible say:

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