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Where Is the World Going To?

April 08, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 91

Now take your guess and make a list of the conditions to become a super power. Or rather give a reply to the question below:

What is the major and foremost requisite element for a nation to become a super power?

1-Being technologically advanced

2-Highly developed democratic system

3-Respecting human rights

4-Having a large army

5- A high GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita (over $30K)

6-All of above

I guess you think number 6. That makes sense. A nation having all those characteristics is already regarded as a super-power. But no! There is a number 7 I forgot to add to the options. That is "None!"

Yea! None...All these concepts and definitions are rubbish. Who cares about human rights in this planet? Please do not attempt to preach on democratic or any other values. By the way I know I seem to be pessimistic (Maybe angry!) You know what? That's paradoxical; but it's because I really care for human rights...

Let me stop here and have another perspective over the subject. What do you feel or think once somebody started talk about Japan? Let me give you a hint...a nation- technologically advanced and having a large GDP. I did not hear any rumor about the Japanese violate basic human rights. Hold on...look again 6 items above...Does Japan fit into that definition? I believe she exactly matches with those 6 requisites (except that they have relative a smaller army)

On the other hand I cannot say Japan is a super power...Sorry. Why? Because, Japan does not bear the most essential requisite of being a super power.

So what is that element? Cool down...let me finish what I have started first. Did you know the US keeps subsidizing Japan regarding her defense? You hear it right. The US is sending money to Japan to spend her defense needs. Wake up bro...that' your money and mine (So finally, we noticed one of those black holes where our tax payments are flowing into!).What is worse we are financing Japan's defense industry. Read what Ted Galen Carpenter (Ted Galen Carpenter is director of foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute.) wrote in his article called "Policy Analysis" as below:

"That (US) subsidy, which has amounted to approximately $900 billion (in 1995 dollars) since the early 1950s, is a powerful incentive for the Japanese to continue free riding on the U.S. security guarantee. " (Ref: -cato-org Please note this amount should be way over 1 billion now since Ted Galen Carpenter's article was published in 1995)

No, I do not intend to criticize the US governments for their fallible acts furthermore. My point is to emphasize Japan is not a super power. Actually, I am not against Japan or anything Japanese. I just want to give an idea some nations like Japan cannot become super powers even though they are rich and democratic.

You do not necessarily have to be highly democratic or respect all the human rights...If you have that tech...chin!...chin!..Bingo! Here you are a super power.

I guess you should have a better idea now why all the sensible nations are afraid of the possibility that Iran is about to have such a destructing technology. Nobody wants to go ahead and make an estimate what such a country like Iran would dare to do in case they have nuke tech. All these fears arise from Iran's lack of responsibility in using such devastating tech.

And now I am just to the point. The most crucial element of being a super power is to have a competent and advanced nuclear technology so that it's no problem to manufacture nuke bombs as many as somebody likes to.

Unfortunately, the overall armament trend all over the world started to soar up. China has recently declared she would assign a large deal of money out of her budget for military and arms purchasing purposes. Likewise, Russia and India jumped into the trend and revealed that they are planning new arms purchases (No need to say most of these purchases will be likely for nuke arms)

Sometimes I think the cold war has never been over. Just the opposite! Those days there were 2 super powers...Nevertheless, I can count up to at least 10 nuclear arms nations.

Oh tell me...what is really happening in Syria. This country is bombing its nationals every day. Many innocent people keep dying; I wonder who will stop this tragedy. My eyes are looking for the US for help. But nothing happens. Soon I realize Syria is supported by two global super powers. And at that time the mystery has been solved. I learned a new lesson. If the bully has nuclear arms, in other words if he is super power, nobody can touch him.

You know the country of "North Korea", right? Yea, the one having a young dictator came to the power recently (after his dad's dad). This country is so closed to the outer world that nobody even knows how many guys live over there. There is no official census...according to the estimates, approximately 25 million people live there. They are communist and pretty poor. Their annual GDP per capita (revenue per person in a year) is around $1,250. That's a real worst living conditions for the people living there. I believe they deserve better living standards...But right now they do not live in a nice place. You know why I keep talking about this poor country? Because, this country is an outstanding and great example for the spot where I want to arrive at. This poor country is one of super powers of the world.

They have nuke tech and they are even exporting their tech outside (Example? Look at Iran) And, it is a pity that these guys keep intimidating South Korea threatening to assault with nuke bombs for a long time. Once you compare those two Koreas according to the criteria mentioned above, The South Korea is way ahead of the North One...However, look at the destiny! The bully of the neighborhood has nuke arms power. So what happened to our human rights?

Putting all those data together, the future does not hold better things in store for our old planet. I don't want to drag your mood into worse. I just want to draw your attention to the risks and challenges lurking in the dark. Maybe that would push us, people to stop this dangerous armament trend even if it might take much time (Do we have another option?)

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