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The Globe Will Soon Shrink!

April 15, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 110

I always wonder if it is right to term this world as a 'global village'. I really cannot appreciate the concept of liberalization, privatisation and globalisation (LPG). This might have helped a few multi national companies amass profits through 'transfer pricing'. The region where I was born haven't yet gotten in to a global mindset. It is just acting contrary to the globalization mantra of 'Think Global Act Local'. It always acts as if it is a global state but its thinking has been too local.

Every state in this country is a liquid state and only the 'son of that soil' can thrive in that particular region. The 'Pizzas', 'Yadavs', 'Thackareys', 'Shorans', 'Banerjees', 'Gowdas', 'Abdullas', 'Reddys' and 'Dravidians' and their sanctified family members along with their near and dear can only participate in this saintly nation's development. My identity is that of an 'Aryan' in Chennai, the city in which I was born and brought up.

I would be called a 'Madarsi' or a South Indian when I travel up north. I am allowed to travel anywhere in India, but if I have to work or do business anywhere outside the state of my birth I'll have to compromise with the local hooligans and be party to all their activities. I am identified as an Indian on other Asian countries. When I travel to the Europe, the Americas or to Africa, I am an Asian. Will ever someone reckon me as a fellow human?Why do I need a lot of valid documents when I travel outside my country, while European and Australian birds can migrate freely to "Vedanthangal" (a bird sanctuary near Chennai). Is this the price we pay for what we call as civilization?

Is it wrong on my part to imagine the world to be a single entity and a free roaming zone? Why do I need a passport, visa, work permit or a resident permit to crawl around my own 'mother' earth? Are we not children of the same earthly family? Do we only fight among ourselves and kill each other and can't we live together peacefully?

I am still optimistic about an open world where every thing is ever ones; a world without war, a world without racial discrimination, a world without religion, a world with only the language of love, a world with freedom of movement, a world where each one cares for every one. This could be an unrealistic dream for now, but sooner or later the man kind would unite. Yes, surely this globe will shrink soon.

Aaqarsh is a compassionate human and a passionate writer.

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Aaqarsh Aiyyar

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