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Scandals That Surround the Obama White House

April 17, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 126

Secret service agents caught with underage Colombian prostitutes?

The General Services Administration caught spending over $820,000 in Las Vegas on party time on the taxpayer dime?

The Department of Justice concocting a 'fast & furious' scheme to track guns entering Mexico from the U.S. to see where they went but only two out of 2,500 get tracked and one is used to gun down a border patrol agent?

The Obama administration gives a green company, Solandra, $500 million dollars to build solar panels, a year later goes bankrupt and much of the money was filtered back to Obama's re-election campaign?

What on earth is going on in this White House?

The Administration Gets Slammed Again with Scandal

To say things are a little loosey goosey is certainly an understatement; to point a finger and say who is in charge is right on target; to ask where is the leadership is spot on. How would you ever begin to think that in an election year you can get by with such corruption and still be re-elected? This is beyond the thinking of rational men.

Secret Service Responsibility Compromised

All the prostitutes had to do was steal a cell phone put it in the hands of our enemies and the President's safety is compromised. Eleven agents were involved in this foolishness that now have been suspended, put on administrative leave that also means they are still being paid by the taxpayer.

General Services Administration (GSA)

The GSA is a federal agency that rents out surplus office space, supplies communication products to federal offices, provides transportation to federal employees, and comes up with cost cutting policies along with other managerial tasks.

The Party is On Us!

Upper management with the GSA were caught partying on the taxpayer dime the week of April 9th all caught on iPhone cameras and over $820,000 of taxpayer money spent on booze, party time girls, Hawaiian clothes, penthouse rentals in luxury hotels, all when these federal employees were supposed to be on the job! There is a video of some even sleeping on the job! All this going on and Obama wants to raise taxes? Like sure that is not going to happen!

The Fast & Furious Campaign

The Department of Justice fast & furious campaign resurrected its ugly head in 2009 with the complete complicity of and direction by the DOJ. The operation was supposed to track up to 2,500 weapons bought in the border towns in the U.S. so they could follow what happened to them in Mexico. Only two were actually tracked! One that wasn't was used to murder a border patrol agent whose relatives are now suing the DOJ!

Drug Cartels

1700 of these weapons were used by the Mexican drug cartels to kill off their own people. How many have been murdered you ask? Figures are put at around 34,000 in the last 4 ½ years even though there has been a federal crackdown in Mexico on the drug cartels. Mass graves are found on a daily basis and shoot outs with authorities continue as I write this article.

Guns Found

99,000 guns bought on the black market have been found that can be traced back to North Korea, Russia, China, Guatemala and Honduras. Many have come from South American counties that have had many years of civil war and needed an outlet for their used gun products.

Solandra Used by the Obama Regime

In the President's fight for re-election his administration gave $500 million dollars to a solar panel company who made & sold solar panels for $6.00 a panel. Chinese green companies sell panels for $3.00. This information was known before the money was given. In 2010 Solandra went bankrupt and it was discovered that millions of our taxpayer dollars that was given to Solandra was actually kick back money to Obama's re-election campaign.


These are only the stories that we have learned about, how many more have been swept under the rug? When will this charade come to its logical conclusion? When will the media wake up and see this is their country to that is being pillaged and plundered of its national treasure. This foolishness by the ideologues is fast becoming a national disaster. If the government collapses who will then resurrect it?

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