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Public Records - Are They Invading the Privacy of Individuals?

April 20, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 127

Public records provide an opportunity for individuals and businesses to explore through vast amount of data. The information present in the records has details about individuals, their personal life and all the necessary information that one expects from a record. Speaking it in a business point of view, these records contain details about a property, taxation details, valuation, possible growth in future taking its geographical location and population.

To put it in simple words, public records are government records which contain every single detail about a person or about a property. There are many advantages which are associated with such a feature provided by the government. But, are we in a position to let out our personal lives available over the internet? This is one of the main concerns and can create a hazard in the society if things are not set right. Records are very useful in one way and have adverse effect when they are misused. Privacy of an individual is breached easily and can create an embarrassment environment hampering their reputation in the society. It is important to introduce solutions or stringent factors that can control the entire availability of data to public.

Provided below are few of the solutions which can be implemented to protect privacy of an individual.

1. Cut down the information:

Every individual has their own privacy life and wants to maintain it to themselves. Reputation can be hampered by making public availability of personal information. Under such cases, one can plan for availability of data that does not contain any additional information. Name, address, work history, address and phone number can be made available. Provide only the information which a party is seeking. This reduces invasion of privacy for an individual.

2. Auto redaction systems:

It is good to use auto redaction systems in courts which allow tagging sensitive and confidential information in a case. This will help prevent appearance of the same when a search is carried out using public records as the base. Social security numbers, credit card numbers, account numbers, investment information and medical information can be in hidden mode.

3. Reviewing public policies and their objectives will be helpful.

Following simple and efficient rules will help create a public record that does not pump out sensitive information. Depending on the requirement and the agency that is asking the details, complete information can be made available after verifying the reason provided by the agency. Following this will be helpful in protecting privacy of individuals and stop the growth of financial fraud and identity theft.

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