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Origins - Knowing How and Why

April 26, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 170

Have you ever caught yourself being curious about the origin of something, or maybe, of many things? If you take the time to think about it, much of what we spend our time doing in life, aside from purely entertainment pursuits, spending time with friends and family, or working, things like watching, reading, studying, learning, researching, and Googling, find root in our fascination and curiosity regarding the origination of things, our desire to better understand the how and why.

Archaeologists are always digging, very often literally, to find the answers to ancient societies and civilizations. They seek the who, when, where, and why of peoples that lived before, in other words, their origins. They seek to know how they lived and came to be, how they originated. Historians similarly are looking for answers to great past events, wondering about the causes that brought about certain effects in mankind's history. And Scientists, amongst others, are seeking answers to our origins and the workings of the universe, the how and why of our existence. We then, as an interested public, flock to museums, special events and showings, every available time and locale, as well as surround our televisions, tuned in to channels like Discovery, History Channel, The Learning Channel, and many others, absorbing the latest discoveries, theories and answers we seek.

Genealogy too has become a very popular pursuit, not just for so called "professionals", but for everyday people like you and me, especially in more recent years with the availability of the internet. More and more of us are looking to better understand our roots and our ancestry. We are trying to connect with our family members that lived before us, seeking to better understand not only them, but ourselves, who "we" are, why our family might have certain traits, for example, or how our culture developed, evolved and became what it is today. We love to know, we need to know, the how and why of things.

It's common sense, really, that we want to know the origins, the causes, the beginnings of things, not just the middle and the end. No one wants to start reading a book, or watching a movie, in the middle instead of at its beginning, if so our understanding is limited and our enjoyment and fulfillment muted. When watching the news are we satisfied with the reporting only covering the who, what and where? Well, maybe initially, if that is all the information that is available, but our patience won't last long before we're asking "how" and "why". Breaking news updates, special reports, in-depth journalistic pieces and the revisiting of old stories years later with the incorporating of new information, generally focusing on helping to unravel any leftover mystery as to the how and why of it, are all testament to our voracious appetite for better understanding, for learning the causes of things, for knowing the whole story, how it all started, how it began. We want the truth, the "whole" truth, at least the truth as we understand it. We don't seem to feel satisfied, complete or whole without it.

Wanting to know the how and why of things runs the gamut, all the way from the trivial, less important day to day things like, I don't know, "Why can't I ever remember that?" or "Why are they your favorite team?", to the much weightier matters in life like, "How and why do we get sick or ill and how do we cure it?" or "What is the purpose of life?" These and many others are valid questions. Some are more easily answered than others, some more important and worthy of our time and effort to find answers to than others, but all are part of being human, and I would add, healthy. To not question things, to not care to understand or to learn, to not seek to better and more fully comprehend ourselves, others and the world in which we all live, is to risk not growing towards becoming all we can be, to risk not fully finding the joy and happiness we can and should have, but rather to be apathetic, stagnant and unfulfilled. Asking "how" and why", seeking the origins, especially when applied to the most important subjects, and coupling that with finding the right answers, will indeed satisfy our natural curiosity, but more importantly, will lead to true and greater understanding.

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