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Activist Judges, Obama, and The Hidden DREAM Act

April 12, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 133

The Obama administration has decided to start deporting illegal immigrants on a case by case basis. Taking a close 2nd behind Governor Perdue's vetoing of the Voter ID bill, this seems to be one of the most corrupt moves from the left as of yet.

With unemployment numbers for legal Americans being in the double digits and the recent exposure of the use of Obamacare by illegal immigrants being a fact, contrary to what the president himself said, it seems as though selective amnesty for illegal immigrants is the next approach that the left will be using to buy votes. Some are going to hate that sentence and say that it doesn't make sense because illegal immigrants can't vote. I would love the address of those individuals who are going to say that so that I can pay them a visit and laugh in their face. There have been several reports in the last week alone that have come out about voter fraud in North Carolina alone, much less across the country.

It seems to me that allowing this case by case deportation/selective amnesty program will empower the president to pick and choose who does and doesn't stay in the country. If they are likely to be a leftist, then what do you think the chances that the will stay in the country are? If they have contributed on a campaign in the past or are a financial backer, do you think they will be deported?

Judge Napolitano said that this process will allow for the immigration judges to "more swiftly adjudicate high-priority cases, such as those involving convicted felons."

What is being looked at and considered when deciding these cases? Well, the age that the person was when they came to the country, whether they are pursuing education, and if they served in the military. Doesn't that sound familiar? It should. It is the DREAM Act being carried out by activist judges and Obama.

I have long said that we are in need of immigration reform but not before we first have tax reform. Democrats like to say that these individuals are coming to America to find opportunity and freedom and that is fantastic. However, until we broaden the tax base to incorporate more individuals paying taxes rather than continue to place the burden of those incoming individuals on the few people at the top of the bracket, sustaining them will be impossible. They aren't coming here with any money at all, so how are they surviving. Off of tax payer dollars.

PLEASE contact your local representative and remind them that the DREAM ACT already failed in Congress and doesn't have a place in the hands of activist judges or the President. Tell them that THIS is a real jobs program that the American people can stand by. Support your neighbor.

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