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Make Money With Kindle

February 22, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 127

If you've ever thought how can I 'make money with Kindle', it's actually never been easier. Whether you publish as an original author or as an editor that publishes others' works, are you aware, that your readers don't even need to own a Kindle to purchase and read your book? Yes, this is quite true. There is a no cost download available from Amazon that allows virtually any computer to 'act' as a Kindle.The only reason I mention this is because up to quite recently even countries like Australia (it's changed now) did not have access to either Kindle or the 'Whispernet' service. Some countries still do not have access, the network is still expanding, but the 'reader' download is available from anywhere, so your book is available to them too.

There are two main ways to profit from the astonishing Kindle e-book boom. The first is to publish your own work. This might be a 'How to' book, a novel, poems, a series of recipes, a manual of some description or even a blog. There are no limits to the type of book you can publish in the Kindle format. Clearly it is a requirement that your book should be compelling, interesting, funny, informative or a combination of these various factors. You must ensure the quality of editing, and once published, be prepared to promote your work. Amazon will do their bit and make your work available, but unless you play your part in full, you will not maximise available sales. Don't forget that as an original author you are entitled to 70% of the sale price in many major countries and 35% in 'more out of the way' areas.

The other way to benefit from Kindle is through the sales of public domain titles. There are people who disagree with this practice. I can only say that this practice is perfectly legal and many well known international 'paper' book publishers do this all the time. In view of this the 'nay-sayers' can think whatever they like. That said we'll move onto the 'how'. The actual process of publishing a public domain book is less straight forward than publishing your own work, but still not difficult. It does however, require more work. It is a fair trade though. The book is already written, so some careful work on your part to ensure publication can only be of benefit. In fact you will receive 35% of the sale price, wherever it is sold.

As mentioned previously, the free Kindle reader is available from the link below, but there is a lot more there too. If you want to make money with Kindle there is a specific 'roadmap' to follow. Whether you are an original author, or a third party publisher, the information is through the link. Nothing is missed out. Read the linked article and get your share.

Make money with Kindle

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