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Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking: 3 Essential Ways to Relax

April 16, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 137

Public speaking. Rarely do two words strike so much fear in the heart, mind, and throat of the person who is asked to stand up and speak in public. Be it making a presentation, generic public speaking anxiety, or having to look groups of people in the eye when stating what you have to say, this task can seem arduous, frightening, and complicated.

But overcoming the fear of public speaking is easier than you think. Especially when you discover that you already have what it takes to be an engaging, thoughtful, intelligent, and confident speaker.

The first step in overcoming this fear is proper preparation. If you are trying to wing it, you are overloading your brain to begin with, especially if you are nervous about public speaking.

Tip no 1 - Put in enough time to reduce your nerves

Only you know how much you need to prepare. People vary - and this comes out clearly on personality profiles - in how much they need to prepare in order to feel comfortable. So there's no rule except be honest with yourself, but if you want a rule of thumb, think 3:1. Three minutes of preparation for every one minute of talking. The performance is really the icing on the cake, the cake-making happens way in advance!

The vast majority of people that I come across underprepare because it takes time and effort. My answer is this: do the preparation really well each time you are doing a completely different talk, then hone and develop that talk so that you can do it more or less 'off the cuff'. I call this having a series of 'signature talks'. Once you have this you'll feel a lot less nervous in general and your preparation time is vastly reduced.

Tip no 2 -Imagine it going well

Did you know that the brain cannot distinguish between real events and imagined ones? That's why this technique works so powerfully. You can close your eyes, lie back and imagine your talk going well, and the brain will store it as a MEMORY. So if you want to achieve the muscle memory of success, you can do that by dreaming an activity almost as well as you can by doing it. My husband thinks about, dreams about, reads about, watches videos about golf every day....and since he started doing that he's got better on the course without any more practice or lessons.

Visualization will also help with fear. As you are visualizing yourself speaking, make sure you are relaxing at the same time, so you start to associate one with the other. Then under pressure your body has had practice at relaxing when it recognizes the stimulus of an audience.

Tip no 3 - Reduce stress responses in your body

It is your body that will be exhibiting signs of nerves and stress, and so it is your body that you need to relax before speaking, not just your mind.

Whenever you are preparing to speak you should do a vocal warm up to protect your voice, and allow you to project clearly and loudly. This is even more important if you are nervous, and a good vocal warm up will help relax your body generally.

Good breathing is the key to feeling (and sounding) relaxed when speaking. Breathe low into the diaphragm area (just below the curve of your ribs and above your abdomen) - as you breathe in, the diaphragm moves out and down, then as you breathe out, it moves up and in, to expel the air. This type of breathing supports the voice and also sends signals to the brain that all is well. When we are under attack, we are more likely to breathe in the chest, which you'll notice will happen if you get nervous. Every time this happens, just bring the breathing back down again.

It is very calming to breathe in this way, not least because you have to focus hard to get it right when you are not used to it, which takes your mind off your nerves!

Now take a deep breath, see it going well, and just go for it!

The SpeakingSuccess Coach

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