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Dream Interpretation - Walking and Leaping in Dreams

February 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 240

You dream because your mental stability is constantly threatened by the craziness contained into your wild conscience (anti-conscience). The unconscious mind that produces your dreams tries to protect you mental stability from the attacks of your wild side, which is constantly trying to invade your human conscience and generate a mental illness.

Even if you'll never completely lose your mind, you are still influenced by the absurdity of your anti-conscience in many ways. You have to understand what is happening in your brain and psyche so that you may be able to control your behavior.

The unconscious mind gives you behavioral lessons, and logical lessons.

For example, if instead of normally walking in a dream you are leaping like a frog, this means that you are not making a research the way you should. When you are walking in dreams this means that you are trying to discover something important. You are looking for the truth. Walking in dreams means researching and discovering.

If you are leaping instead of normally walking, this means that you jump from one point to another. You want to get to the next point very fast.

This means that you are not a good researcher. You want to jump important lessons. You have to walk step by step all the difficult steps of your long path in order to discover what you are looking for. If you'll try to reach the end very fast, you won't learn all your lessons, and you'll miss important details.

This simple dream already was an important warning. You have to be patient and cautious in your research.

The continuation of Carl Jung's research proves that many past civilizations that gave importance to the meaning of dreams and respected the unconscious guidance could understand the dream language. Native Americans were completely guided by the unconscious wisdom in their dreams because they possessed a special virtue, which enabled them to have a spiritual communication with the unconscious mind.

My work creates a bridge between science and religion. Even though the atheistic and materialistic mindset of the current civilization tends to believe that science and religion are totally different matters, the truth is that they are closely related. All religions work like psychotherapy.

All dreams work like psychotherapy too. We need psychotherapy because we are absurd animals. Our tiny human conscience must evolve if we want to become really human.

We must learn how to eliminate our wild nature and find sound mental health. The unconscious mind sends us many dreams in order to help us eliminate our anti-conscience through consciousness.

Consciousness means wisdom and sensitivity at the same time. Consciousness means light. When you are a conscious human being you can see your reality as it is, without illusions. You can also feel your reality. You are not disconnected from your objective reality like you do when you are mentally ill.

Your sensitivity is as important as your reasoning.

You must walk carefully in a dream, and pay attention to all dangers. The process of consciousness is a serious matter. When you are walking in a dream you are trying to discover something. You are trying to understand the meaning of a mystery. This means that you will acquire consciousness of the importance of this mystery. You will understand what is behind its appearance. This is an important discovery.

If you are carefully walking in a dream this dream image has a positive meaning because it indicates that you are evolving and learning. You are researching and discovering more because you have the right attitude.

The unconscious mind teaches you that you must always be very careful and pay attention to all dangers. This is how you can avoid all misfortunes. Patience and caution are indispensable if you want to find peace and happiness in life.

Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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