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Why Psychics Are Wrong

April 07, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 91

I was online as a intuitive counsellor and was asked a very interesting question.

The lady who wanted a reading said to me...

"Last night I was told in a psychic reading that I was pregnant. The psychic was so sure she was right and told me she was never wrong about these things'.

The woman was talking to me because the day after her reading she had her period and was confused by the psychics inaccuracy.

Now I don't know about you, but I think to claim that you are 'never wrong' suggests one of three things:..

a) You are perfect and have the qualities of an omnipotent, omniscient super-being

b) You are self-absorbed

c) You are self-deluded

Of course in an infinite universe then it is certain that each one of the other versions of you exits and elsewhere has one of the above attributes.

Intuitive (psychic) abilities are effected by the emotions surrounding an issue - the emotions being those of the 'reader'; those of the 'querent' and the environment each find themselves in.

To be able to 'tune' this clutter out is part of the work 'psychic development' circles undertake.

Maybe I am not overly intuitive or perhaps far less aware than some, but I feel that I can never be certain about anything. We live in a universe which is defined by its gradual fall into an energy state known as entropy. Philosophically I have much in common with Chaos Magicians in that I believe that any act of magic, even that of looking into the future, is an act which is based upon probabilities rather than certainties.

The future is there but simply by looking at it we change it.

So where does this leave psychic and intuitive 'readers'?

A reading is really a dialogue between the 'sensitive' and the 'client' exploring an issue which the latter finds as a block or a challenge or a concern in their lives.

The intuitive-psychic may use tools which help them access their unconscious minds (if you like, their inner awareness) in order to offer insight and guidance.

Those same symbols may also resonate with the 'client' and hence together 'reader' and 'client' enter into a conversation in which both are exploring unconscious and, perhaps, transpersonal aspects of self.

A reading, as far as I am concerned, is a transformational conversation - a dialogue for change.

In a 'reading' clients often report that the 'reader' often restates what they themselves already know BUT it is in hearing the restatement of their issue which helps.

A reader offers insights and perspectives which are outside of the 'clients' immediate awareness. This awareness need not be supernatural or paranormal in origin - but, of course, maybe. There is a way of 'knowing' which is difficult to express in anything other than mystical language.

In all regards I feel that a psychic reader has a role of listener, supporter, critical friend, advisor, sage as well as oracle. Their 'natural talents' and gifts add to this mix so that they are equipped to help the 'client' move on - to encourage them to take an active role in their own transformation.

A psychic interprets the issues surrounding the issues, challenges and concerns about a situation. Interpretations may not always be 'right' I think should always  give insights and offer a fresh perspectives.

I'm not too sure, however, how some of what I have said applies to those who work as 'Mediums'.

I am not a medium but do work with folks who are. Perhaps, as they are in direct contact with spirit, or claim to be, there is less reason or excuse for them 'getting it wrong'. Â But that's another topic...


Alan Jones has been studying aspects of the Paranormal and the Occult for many years. He has advised on films and documentaries and has contributed to numerous radio programmes. He currently presents The Real Twilight Zone on Penwith Radio in Cornwall

Alan's spiritual blog is and his Transforming Minds website is

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