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Who Watches the Watchers - Psychic Ethics

February 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 113

I have been writing about psychic ethics for some time. The issue is that there is no regulatory body, and frankly there never will be. Psychics come in many shapes and sizes, and to define what we do is impossible.

The main issue is that psychics have no formal schooling, as none is required. To be a psychic, a person only has to do one thing- they must claim they are a psychic. Without an educational system that is accredited, and without a regulatory board with some power to impose rules, regulations and laws there can be no formal regulation and as mentioned earlier that is no possible because of the vast diversity and lack of a single legal definition that would bind it together.

Consider a close relative to psychics and that is counselors. There is a standard course of study to become a therapist. This course of study is presented by universities throughout the country by accredited institutions. Once a person completes this standard course of study they have to then work in a professional setting under the guidance of a licensed therapist for a set amount of time and you have to pass a standard exam.

After this is completed a person then submits their grades, their hours as an intern and their passing grade on the exam to a state board that then provides them a license to practice. A fee is required to maintain their license which must be renewed every few years, and requires continuing education.

To practice as a therapist a person must be licensed. Without that license they are breaking the law and there are penalties including fines and even jail time. If a person acts in an unethical manner, a licensing board can revoke that person's license.

Most regulated professions work in a similar fashion, but psychics are not one of them. There is nothing even close to this level of licensure, education and regulatory body.

What does exist are groups of psychics that agree to pay a fee, give a reading or two and have their bio put on a website. The agreement is that the psychic will act in an ethical manner and pay their fee. In return, the website does marketing to connect these psychics to clients. This is a great service for those psychics who can afford the monthly fee.

What these sites lack are criminal background checks, credit checks, proof of education, proof of identity, or any other check that a regulatory body requires in other professional service providers. This does not mean that these websites and organizations are not providing a valuable service, it just may not be the service that clients think that it is.

What is the solution to these dilemma of universal ethics and regulations? The answer is simple and not simple at the same time. The complicated part is that with so many people claiming to be psychic, a universal definition of what that means and what they do is virtually impossible. Further is that is very unlikely that there will ever be a governmental agency that will oversee psychics or even energy healers.

The simple is answer is "Caveat emptor," or Buyer Beware. Clients must be educated about what psychics do, who they are, what they should expect, and what to look out for.

Another suggestion is that psychics should have some type of formal education in the area of psychology, sociology, therapy, etc... or create an accredited program for psychics that include these areas. This seems like an impossibility unless you consider that this has been done in the area of naturopathy. There are universities such as Bastyr that offer a degree in naturopathy that is nationally recognized and there are a number of states that now require this level of education from an approved accredited university before they can practice naturopathy. Included in this education is a formal internship.

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