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What Name Numerology Reveals About You

February 28, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 143

Name Numerology

One of the most important and popular parts of working with number symbols is name numerology. This part of a numerology chart focuses on translating the letters and sounds of a name into numbers which are then analyzed. Each letter in the name you were born with has a specific vibration, or energy, that both influences your life and symbolizes what you are here to accomplish. When you work with a professional numerologist, they will analyze your name to see which numbers make an appearance, then they will take your entire name into consideration to see how the various energies interact with one another.

Name numerology gives us an in-depth glimpse in to three important parts of the human experience. First, it allows us to see the ways in which the world sees us. The personality number which comes from the analysis of all the consonants in your name lets us know what the world thinks of us and how other people view our presence. Next, the vowels are analyzed to give us information about the hidden parts of ourselves. The vowels show us what will make us happy, what kinds of experiences will fulfill us most, and what will ultimately make us happy. Last but not least all of the letters are analyzed to see what the holistic nature of our being is from our appearances to our personality and everything in between.

How Name Numerology Works

In order to work with name numerology, you must first translate each letter in the full name into a number. Once this is done, you can interpret all of the numbers that appear in the pattern of the name for an overview of the individual being read. Next, you can analyze just the numbers that relate to the vowels or the consonants for more specific information. Most numerologists will add the numbers from all of the letters together, then apply a process of reduction to see the essence of the name. This number shows the very core of the individual being analyzed and it is perhaps one of the most telling and important parts of a full numerology chart.

Once the numbers in your name have been figured, a process of examination and coaching takes place when you work with a numerologist. They will patiently explain what each of the positions in a numerology chart means and what the specific numbers that occupy those positions in your unique chart mean for you. This is the part of the numerology reading where you get to learn all about yourself - and how your name influences your life!

The Benefits Of Name Numerology

Name numerology allow us to see ourselves in a new light. We can use our numerology chart as a blueprint to understand the fullness of who we are in a detached and neutral way. This process lets us take a good look at ourselves from the perspective of the cosmos so that we can be more aware and understanding of the special individual that we are. Our names reveal which path in life will bring us the most joy and the least resistance. We can find out what makes us tick, what things bring us the most joy, and where our hidden talents might exist. From the hidden world within to the side of us that everyone around us sees, name numerology gives us a three-dimensional spiritual view of the unique person we are, and the person we are here to become.

Josh Williams is a professional Numerologist and Numerology teacher with over 12 years experience. He works with clients from all across the world and provides reliable, practical, and effective guidance, answers, and empowerment based on the ancient sacred science of the numbers. Josh writes articles and blog posts on the subject of Numerology throughout the month in order to let more people know just how great the numbers are! You can learn more about numerology by visiting

(c) Josh J. Williams, 2011

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