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Top Three Most Popular Psychic Reading Services

April 18, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 151

Psychic readings have been around since people can remember. And up until now, there are many individuals who believe in the powers of psychics as tools or ways for them to understand things and answer questions. It is no wonder that today, more and more psychics and psychic stalls are sprouting everywhere in the world.

In order to understand this art better and be more informed about how these can be made useful to man, it is equally important to get to know and discuss the three most popular psychic reading services so that in time, if the need arises, one may be able to approach the right reading and psychic for the job.

The top three most popular psychic reading services are astrology, dream interpretation and tarot.


Astrology is familiar to many of us. In fact, it has already become a very common word as this can be found in newspapers and in TV shows. Astrology, where in the West commonly consists of a set of horoscopes, is a belief system that says that astrological phenomena and events in the human world have a relationship or connection. The said horoscope aims to predict an individual's personality or life history basing on the positions of the sun and moon and other planetary objects at the time of the birth of the person. The Indians, Mayans, and Chinese people were able to come up with elaborate systems used to predict terrestrial events.

Because astrology has been around since the third millennium BCE, it has been widely accepted and is being incorporated into other concepts such as astronomy, alchemy, medicine, and meteorology. However, astrology lost its credibility sometime at the end of the 17th century. It only regained its popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries as it became a part of the revival of spiritualism and New Age philosophy.

Types of Astrology:

Indian and Southwest Asian Western astrology Chinese and East Asian


The tarot cards are basically a set of ordinary playing cards bearing the numbers 1 to 78. It was originally called trionfi, tarocchi, and tarock and was used to play card games such as Italian Tarrocchini and French Tarot in the mid 15th century. It was from the 18th century that it was also made useful by mystics and occultists as tools for divination.

There is a total of 4 suits in tarot cards which are referred to as French Suits in the Northern Europe, Latin Suits in the Southern Europe, and the German Suits in the Central Europe. There are pip cards that are numbered from Ace to Ten and 4 Face Cards for each suit.

It is in Europe that the tarot cards are widely used for playing games. However, in many English-speaking countries, these are used primarily for divination.

Dream Interpretation

Perhaps, this is the type of psychic reading that intrigues many. When we have dreams during our sleep and wake up remembering those, there is that urge to want to explain, interpret, and understand its meaning.

The greatest fact about dream interpretation is that it is can be done best by the person who is dreaming. It may be done by writing down aspects or parts of the dream and analyzing if there is anything there that is familiar like people, objects, or places. Then from this, one may try to associate meanings unto each until a clearer and more vivid meaning comes into play.

Dreams are also a channel for ancestors and future love ones to communicate with the person. It may involve having a good conversation with someone you don't know but definitely feels familiar. It is important to remember what went on in the conversation.

These psychic readings have been proven helpful to many individuals. That is why it is not a wonder why many people come to psychics to understand the different aspects of their lives.

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