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Top Psychic Divination Procedures and Techniques

May 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 153

It has been known for already so many years that psychics and their abilities can do great help to people in the different aspects of their lives. People come for a psychic reading in order to get answers to certain questions that baffle them. However, it is important to note that psychics cannot only rely on their intuition in order to make some readings. If teachers need books for teaching, artists need brushes and canvass, business owners need their calculators, psychics also have their materials which are called tools of divination.

There are quite a number of tools of divination that different psychics use. However, none of these is greater than the other for their effects are also dependent on how the psychic actually uses them. What is important is that these psychics are able to choose the one that they are most comfortable with and the one that resonates to them.

Here are some of these tools, procedures, and techniques of divination.

1. Tarot Card Reading. This may very well be the most common technique of divination using the tarot cards as its tool. Tarot cards are simply a deck of 78 cards. Each of these cards has a symbolic image on it and a meaning. The intuition of the psychic is stimulated by the cards during a reading. Therefore, intuition and the cards' meanings are combined by the psychic in the context of the person being read.

2. Runes Reading. Familiar of 24 flat stones, each having a letter on? These are called runes and the letters on them have been taken from the futhark alphabet. Each letter has its distinct meaning. When a person wants to have a reading, a rune is taken from the bag by the seeker and this is interpreted by the psychic.

This particular tool of divination may be compared with the Chinese' I-Ching. In this, the seeker is told to ask a question and then toss a coin or stick.

3. Automatic Writing. From the name itself, the writing is not intentionally done in some sense. The seeker closes his eyes or is blindfolded and is asked to write anything on a paper without having any conscious thought. The writings are believed to be a window to the unconscious or may also be a gateway to communicating with the spirits. This was initially used by psychics to treat mental illnesses.

4. Numerology readings. From its name, it deals with numbers. Using the seeker's name and date of birth, particular readings may be drawn.

5. Pendulum readings. Pendulums are not uncommon to people. This tool is usually used by psychics to confirm their insights. The psychic lets the pendulum hang by holding the chain. Then this swings from left to right, each direction representing either a "yes" or "no" answer.

6. Bibliomancy. Bibliomancy is a technique wherein the psychic or seeker uses a book or manuscript to gather information. This method can be done even by non-psychics. All they have to do is choose a book that is spiritual in nature, like a bible. The bible has to stand on its spine and the seeker, while eyes closed, lets the pages fall open to the table. He lets his fingers run around the opened page and when he is ready, he opens his eyes to see the passage he has selected. He then interprets it to get an answer or guide to his life.

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