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The Subtle Human Aura - Invisible Energies and Colours

February 23, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 111

Until recently, most people in the West were unfamiliar with the subtle and usually invisible part of the human psyche which radiates as energy of various kinds from the physical body of each one of us.

Although modern science has developed and continues to develop technology to an extraordinary level that has influenced our progress in many ways from advances in surgery to sending astronauts into space, there has been little to help us to recognize the radiation of the energies from the human psyche.

Just as we are aware of the limitations and the abnormalities of the human senses we are also studying the extension of them in what is commonly referred to as the area of Extra Sensory Perception or ESP. Every person has some capacity for extraordinary sensitivity at some time or other but usually their experiences are random. So we have to rely upon the information, talents and the experience of trained psychics who have a well developed sense of clairvoyance, clairaudience and other faculties to provide a basis for our further research.

Many people have been sceptical and remain so. Many doubt the reliability of psychics but more and more people are having to admit their potential and seek to employ their skills in healing, in crime detection and other fields of investigation.

Professional psychics vary in their talents, both in degree and in style or approach to their work and most realise their contribution must be considered as an adjunct to the material sciences. In spite of this, there are many wonderful psychics who have contributed information that has proven not only complementary, but a key factor in solving certain problems including crime and finding missing persons. However results are more commonly rather unreliable in material matters.

Just as some people have a highly developed sense of taste and others use their extremely sensitive olfactory sense in perfumery, some psychics are clairvoyant and able to see beyond the normal range of perception of sight. Others are clairaudient and receive information from subtle spheres beyond the normal range of hearing. Others are capable of detecting information from an object through psychometry. Yet others have an amazing capacity to foretell the future or to analyze human nature.

Regarding clairvoyance, the sense that is required to perceive vibrations beyond the normal range of sight it is a matter of degree in sensitivity. Some people can easily focus upon the heat rising from a road in summertime, or choose to observe the movements of steam rather than the water boiling. So some psychics have the ability to see the energy field or health and vitality field around an individual (this known as the etheric) and others 'see' beyond into the emotional nature (or astral) or further into the mind states of the person's mental thought radiation and even beyond, into deeper aspects of the soul.

Etheric sight as mentioned, serves to observe vitality and is helpful in healing work and also has a potential to observe energies we call 'ghosts' of departed souls and also 'fairies' and other natural creatures which exist in subtle dimensions beyond the material world and of interest to those studying the metaphysical. There is an inexhaustible range of study areas as all living things, all living creatures and all human beings radiate energy.

People who have developed clairvoyance can see the feelings and thoughts of others register the energies as various grades and shades of colour and tone and this is what is described as the human aura.

The potential range of colours of the human aura often move and change in a way similar to the northern lights with the displays of light and colour of the natural spectrum. It is the radiance of white light, a balanced blend of them all that signifies the qualities of spiritual purity that artists depict around the saints. Different abilities, states, qualities and inclinations are identified by the colour which radiates from a person at any time and although these change to some extent with mood and thought there are some features that remain constant.

It takes a skilled and experienced psychic who is well versed in understanding human nature to interpret the significance of these colour radiations and is not a subject that should be considered lightly.

A serious study will prove rewarding and lead to an extended concept of what constitutes human nature that as yet remains invisible but is nevertheless very real. Scientific attempts to invest a special screen to aid our ordinary sight to perceive the finer vibrations have not been successful but no doubt if there is a will to do so, researchers will find a way to give us assistance and insight.

Elizabeth S. Adams is known for her published "Forgotten Dreams - a collection of Poetry" with additional interests that extend to Astrology, Astronomy and mystical subjects that help us understand who we are and our place in the Universe.

Beyond the well recognized knowledge of the personality we all seek to know more about the soul. Classical culture of past ages understood many facets we have neglected.

Astrology when applied to self understanding of our personality and deeper soul potentials is a great practical starting point. We also need assistance to unveil the special inner talents of our soul so we feel confident to offer our contribution to the world. Astrology is such an aid.

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