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Remote Viewing Skills

May 24, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 165

Remote viewing readings have been being tested for several years now. Two researchers from Stamford University are credited with beginning these types of tests. Testing to validate the unquestionable existence of extra sensory perception is still being done today.

Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff is both parapsychologist that worked with Stamford University research facilities to instigate the process of testing remote viewing readings back in the 70s. Their main goals were to prove whether or not this psychic ability existed in some people, and to prove whether or not different people had the abilities in differing strengths.

Basically remote viewing readings are performed where a gifted medium will try to visualize something that is occurring somewhere else and describe it to someone else. In the Stamford University studies that gave this process this particular moniker there were three basic steps used in the testing procedure.

Step 1 of testing for remote viewing readings:

The first step was to position a person at the place where the psychic would be attempting to visualize. The person that was at the other location was known as the sender. They were supposed to send images through their mind to the medium to let them know where they were and what the place was like.

Step 2 of the remote viewing readings:

Next the researchers brought their test subject into the facility where they were. They went into a room and they told the test subject to try and connect mentally with the sender. The medium was supposed to either verbally tell the researcher what they sensed about the location where the sender was, or they were to draw an illustration of where the sender was. No one was allowed in the room during the testing process except for the tester and the researcher conducting the experiment.

Step 3 of the remote viewing readings:

At the last stage of the experiment someone had to look at the data and try and determine if the medium had been correct in their explanations of where the sender was located. This decision was not made by the researches, but was made by a panel of impartial judges that was selected for the job. The judges were not present when the experiment was taking place. They only viewed the experiment on tapes and in the written transcripts provided to them by the research facility.

One particular subject that was tested at Stamford was a police commissioner named Pat Price. Pat Price was one of the most promising of all of the candidates that took the test. The researchers were convinced that Mr. Price had the powers of extra sensory perception to such a degree that he could accurately connect with a remote location and describe things about the place he should not have known.

Sarah Saxon writes for the psychic & metaphysical industry and offers fact based unbiased advice and articles.

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