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Is It Time for the Goddess?

February 29, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 144

Webster's New American Dictionary has many definitions of what constitute a family. One of their definitions defines a family as a social unit usually consisting of one or two parents and their children.

On a spiritual level all souls constitute a family. We have God and the Goddess as our parents. Now some faiths only embraced God, others embraced the Goddess. Some faiths embrace both and some rejects both.

On the physical level can a child be born of a man? Women bring forth the divine gift of birth.

Can you have a God without a Goddess? It stands to reason that if God exist so must the Goddess exist as well.

So where is the Goddess? Where has she gone? When will she return? Who is the Goddess?

From our physical understanding it's hard for us to answer these questions. For God and the Goddess are not physical. We will never understand non physical while in our physical bodies unless we move into non physical or come into the realization of our own non physical existence.

We must come into the knowledge that we are non physical having physical experiences.

A soul is encased in three bodies called the physical, astral, and casual. When we incarnate we wear a physical body, at death we drop the physical but we are still encased in our astral and casual bodies. None of these three bodies are us. We are spirits with dual aspect of God and the Goddess.

In numerology the number 1 is associated with the sun, masculinity, men, and God.

The number 2 is associated with the moon, femininity, women, and the Goddess.

The number 1 and the number 2 sit in opposition with each other yet both energies are intertwined and work together. Both men and women have feminine and masculine aspect. Rationality predominates for the most part in men and emotionalism predominate primary for women.

The Number 1 starts things off. All life emits from the 1 and all must return unto the 1. Number 2 receives the 1 into her womb and give birth, we are the children born from this union.

In numerology the first number and/or the first letter of words and sequences of numbers are called earth tones. For example, Bobby's earth tone is the letter B. This sequence of numbers 1423 has the number 1 as its earth tone.

Earth tones have very strong vibrations. They set the tone. The other letters or numbers are affected by this tone. These earth tones vibrate and reverberate at high velocity.

Before the turn of the century the number 1 led as the earth tone. This 1 earth tone set the tone for the whole millennium. Strength, power, masculinity, men, boys and God are all aspects of this 1 earth tone.

At the turn of the millennium the earth tone changed. Sitting in her glorious beauty is the return of the Goddess. The 2 earth tone ushers in beauty, femininity, moon energy, women, and girls.

The Goddess is compassionate, kind, considerate, helpful, sensitive, warm and peaceful. Every female embodies her. For the past 12 years the Goddess has been sprinkling her love on humanity. Each year her earth tone gets stronger.

Initially the number 1 will attempt to maintain power. The male will try to thwart females from gaining power. Energy is being stirred up about a woman's right to choose. Talk about the use of contraceptives, abortions, birth control, Susan G Komen and Planned Parenthood, breast cancer, mandated transvaginal ultrasound, mandated ultrasound, and the church are headline news.

Watch in the coming years the emergence of female energy rising like a Tsunami.

Hello, My name is Andre Alvin Moore, a professional intuitive master Numerologist. For over thirty years I have counsel and help people from all walks of life. You may listen to my past radio shows at I can be contacted at, I hold a BA in Sociology. I currently reside in Carson, Ca

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