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Flowers Are Our Teachers

April 14, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 162


Flowers grow in their natural state of being. They have an air of calmness, peace, and love about themselves. We admire their state of being. We grow them in our gardens, give them to our love ones and enjoy their fragrance. In our homes they adorn our coffee tables, fill our baths with romantic anticipation and fill our visions with beauty. We extract their oils and cherish their softness. We take care not to crush them. We wouldn't dare subjugate them to harsh treatment such as unkind words. We wouldn't dream of shooting them, stomping them or mistreat them. Why do we show so much love and admiration for them? Is it because we respect their natural state of being?

This state of peace, love, and calmness is the perfect example of what we should be striving for. We can cultivate this state of being by meditating on our supreme inner light and glory.

Our natural state of being is of calmness, peace, and love. So why did we surrender this natural state of being for an artificial one filled with hatred and intolerance for one another? Do you find it odd that we show more love and respect for flowers than we do for ourselves?

We would never pick up a gun and shoot a flower nor would we rape them or abuse their beauty. We never show anger or disrespect towards them so why is it so easy for us to do these unthinkable things to one another? Is it due to our unnatural state of being? We have moved so far from our natural state of being which is love. In order to restore our natural state of love we must learn to turn our gaze within through the ancient practice of meditation. We must seek our spiritual kingdom.

The word flowers have seven letters. The number seven guides and leads us towards enlightenment and conscious liberation. Flowers are our teachers. The respect and love shown towards flowers are the way in which we should love and respect each other.

The first letter of flowers is the letter f, ruled by the number 6, the number of love and responsibility. We as a human race must come to know and understand that we are part of the cosmic family of God and the Divine Mother and as such we should respect and behave more responsibly towards one another.

The second letter of flowers is the letter l, ruled by the number 3, the number of speech. We as a people must be guided by our higher self when we speak and address each other. We must become more thoughtful about how our words can affect people emotional state of being.

The third letter of flowers o, ruled by the number 6, the number of love. Love is our natural state of being. We must learn to love self before self can love another.

Both letters f and o carries the six vibration of love. Together they reveal a more meaningful aspect... That a loose tongue can and do lead to challenging situations. (6+6=12, 1+2=3 the number of expression) It is wise to think before we speak.

The fourth letter of flowers w, ruled by the number 5, the number of the five physical senses. These five senses if not checked and brought into harmonious alignment can and do create havoc for our self and others.

The fifth letter of flowers e, ruled by the number 5, the number of freedom, if you look closely at the word flowers where the w and e come together forms the word we. Both the w and e is ruled by the number five. Two fives added together gives us the compound number of 10 reduced down to the number 1, the number of self. We as a society place more emphases on self while neglecting others. No man is an island and we must learn to get alone in a diverse world.

The sixth letter of flowers r, ruled by the number 9, the number of humility. Humility is one of the hardest lessons to learn. It is not a sign of weakness but of strength to admit when we're wrong.

The seventh letter of flowers s, ruled by the number 1, the number of self. If our world is to mature and experience more of a heavenly consciousness then we must learn to become more flexible and exert a more willingness to work and live around people who does not share our own ideologies.

When all seven numbers are added together the compound number of 35 is reveled reduced down to the number 8, the number of power. (6+3+6+5+5+9+1=35,3+5=8)

The flower children of the sixties had it right when they declared that life and truth wasn't about war power, selfish power, or greed power, but life was about flower power. Unfortunately the world turn their noses up at them and declared them drop outs, but actually they didn't dropout they dropped into love and the world should had follow suit then perhaps instead of placing a gun in our children's hand we would have placed a flower there instead!

Hello, My name is Andre Alvin Moore, a professional intuitive master Numerologist. For over thirty years I have counsel and help people from all walks of life. I can be reached at

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