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Green Tea and Prostate Cancer - 1 of the 8 Ways Known to Reduce the Risk of This Cancer

February 21, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 119

Ever wonder why green tea and prostate cancer should be discussed in the same breath? I'll tell you in a minute.

Do you remember that the U.S. was put on alert when the Bird Flu was circling the globe a few years ago? In October 2011 the World Health Organization reported that since 2003, 566 confirmed cases of the flu in humans had been reported with a resulting 322 deaths.

I'm not saying that wasn't important, but absent from the national media was the fact that in 2011 alone, approximately 250,000 men would be diagnosed with prostate cancer and about 33,720 deaths would occur due to this disease.

After skin, prostate cancer is the next most common type of this disease for men in the U.S. Based on 2006 to 2008 data, one in six men born today will be diagnosed with this disease during their lifetime.

In the UK post-mortem data estimates that about 50 percent of men in their 50's have histological evidence of cancer in the prostate. This increased to 80 percent by the age of 80.

One study indicated that men who consumed the highest amount of saturated fat were significantly more likely to die of prostate cancer than from other causes.

Since 2000 the incidence rate of this disease has stayed fairly stable. The death rate has declined somewhat due to improved treatment methods and PSA testing. Unfortunately, the PSA testing is still not deemed to be very reliable.

We know that green tea contains polyphenol compounds called catechins. These catechins are powerful antioxidants that scavenge free radicals which damage our cells and DNA. There is a lot of evidence that green tea slows the aging process in our bodies.

Since increasing age corresponds directly to the rate of prostate cancer occurrence, it makes sense that drinking this beverage could at least delay the onset of this disease.

Free radicals play a part in causing this disease. These free radicals damage cells and make them age, resulting in mutations that can become cancer. The anti-cancer recommendations include a diet rich in antioxidants... bingo, green tea.

The BBC News reported "a chemical found in green tea appears to slow the progression of prostate cancer, a study has suggested".

Presently green tea and prostate cancer research is being widely conducted but to date hasn't provided conclusive results.The National Cancer Institute and the FDA basically say that the benefits from green tea in treating prostate cancer are inconclusive.

There is hope for prevention. Here are eight widely accepted steps (note number 1) you can take to help delay or prevent this deadly disease:

Drink three to five cups of green tea per day or take an extract derived from the green leavesEat more fruits and vegetablesChoose a low-fat dietEat fatty fish high in omega-3 fatty acidsEat more fat from plants than animalsMaintain a healthy body weightExercise regularlyReduce the amount of dairy products consumed

Men (I'm not saying women won't benefit too), your goal should be to incorporate these eight points into your diet and lifestyle.

This disease is almost a sure bet by the age of 80. Even a 50-50 chance by 50 years of age is higher odds than I want to gamble with.

This disease does not appear with the flip of a switch, so prevention should be considered at a young age. The older you are the sooner you should be incorporating steps one through eight in your daily routine.

I recommend eating a healthful diet, getting regular exercise, and taking a nutritional supplement containing the powerful green tea antioxidants to help delay the onset of or prevent prostate cancer.

To learn more about the supplements my family and I take, please visit my website.

Take a minute to visit now at

J. Peter Crane is an advocate of living a better life through better nutrition. Since an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, he'd rather spend money on good food and nutritional supplements than medical bills.

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