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Hot Tips For Designing Your Property For Rent

April 11, 2012 | Comments: 0 | Views: 128

Research the demand for the type of property that you have for rental in your market, there may be other similar properties for rent in the area your rental property is situated. Seek advice from a letting agent you may have all ready done these things before purchasing the property which I find is the best way.

Keep yourself up-to-date on the price of the rental in your area with similar type design just so you know your budget knowing this will allow you to stick to a budget for your design scheme. Planning carefully from the start give you focus on the type of market you are attracting and keep you on a firm budget, there are a few general rules when furnishing a buy to let.

When you are decorating keep your colour bright for example (magnolia walls and matte white ceilings) through out the property, except kitchen and bath room. Keeping decor simple in the way addressed will make the touch up procedure much easier, because most tenant may only stay for a limited short time.

Kitchens be sure to keep things practical modern light colours avoid work surfaces that damage easily, for ease of maintenance just in case there are certain parts damaged during renting. Install splash backs for sink and cooking area to protect from grease and general dirt.

Flooring it is best to lay the same flooring throughout the property except for kitchen and bathroom to help the rooms flow into each other when you use different flooring will visually break up the space choosing to use wood or laminate flooring may be easier to maintain.

Bathrooms clean white suits always looks the part, position plenty of splash back area especially around shower because most tenants prefer to use the shower, if the original suit is in decent condition I would clean it changing toilet seat and any damaged tiles, taps and fixtures just for a feeling of freshness.

If you decide to go the furnished or part furnished rout you must consider wear and tear use dark colours that don't show to much dirt and stains. Leathers or heavy type's of fabrics that are durable that stand the test of time, if you can find good second hand furniture that fit your requirements that's the best way forward limiting your costs.

Beds, wardrobes and accessories if you decide to buy new buy at the cheap end of the market, making sure that they are durable and simple so they are easy to replace should anything damage during tenancy. Also mattress may become stained and may need changing between tenant depending on condition.

All furniture must comply with fire resistance standards this requires that all of the soft furnishings mattresses, sofas etc pass the cigaret and match test. If this applies to you in some countries smoking is allowed in house, to find out more details contact your local trading standards office.

To find out more about property rentals please feel free go to

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